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What is the MSRA?

The Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA – also called the SRA) is a computer-based assessment that forms part of the application for UK postgraduate medical training.

You will need to pass the MSRA exam if you are training in General Practice, Radiology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery and several other medical fields. 

The format of the MSRA consists of two question papers: a 75 minute clinical questions paper and a 95 minute professional dilemma questions paper. The pass mark for the MSRA test is marked on 1-4 scale, with 4 being the highest Band, The minimum Band you need to pass your MSRA depends on the specialty you are looking for.

Need help passing an MSRA assessment?

Our focussed MSRA teaching is led by Dr. Aman Arora, Fellow of the RCGP and previously involved in MSRA Question Writing and Assessments.

We provide revision resources and guidance for junior doctors who want help with their MSRA examination and our resources include Online, Audio, Flashcards and Mock Exam teaching.

Our MSRA revision packages include our MSRA Gold All in One Package, our MSRA Clinical Crammer Online Course, and our MSRA Mega Mock Bundle.

Our free MSRA Planner Programmes can help guide your preparation on a day-by-day basis.


The next UK MSRA date for round 2 applications will be between 2nd and 9th September 2022.

Your MSRA scores can be transferred for future rounds within a 12 month period for GP training applications. It is important to tick the box confirming you wish to carry forward your MSRA score from a previous round otherwise it will be assumed you wish to resit the MSRA exam. For other specialties it is best to check with their individual specialty websites for further information.

There are several areas of UK postgraduate medical practice which require trainees to pass an MSRA exam. These are

  • General Practice
  • Radiology
  • Psychiatry
  • Ophthalmology
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • Community Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (CSRH)
  • Anaesthetics
  • Paediatrics
  • ACCS Emergency Medicine

Please note that ACCS Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics and Paediatrics used MSRA for the purpose of shortlisting for the first time this year (2021).

Many International Medical Graduate doctors complete internship in their home country before coming to the UK.

To enter speciality training in the UK, applicants must demonstrate that they have a) achieved foundation level competences and have b) completed accepted clinical experience (usually 24 months in total). By completing the CREST form an applicant (who has the necessary clinical experience) can demonstrate that they have achieved foundation competences and apply directly to speciality training.

The CREST form is NOT for applicants who have:

  • – Completed a UK Foundation programme (within last 3.5 years) – you would need to submit a copy of your UKFPCC.
  • – Started but not completed a UK foundation training
  • – Completed a Foundation Year 2 standalone post


The Professional Dilemma Paper – or SJT – is a 95 minute exam paper consisting of 50 questions. It is usually taken first and then followed by the second part of the MSRA test – The Clinical Paper. 

It assesses 3 core competencies (covered in our MSRA SJT Principles Audio course).

These are: 

  1. a) Professional Integrity
  2. b) Coping with Pressure
  3. c) Empathy and Sensitivity

It assesses how someone behaves when posed with a potential professional dilemma at work as well as your ability to judge the situation and decide how to approach it.

No clinical knowledge is assessed in this paper and there is no negative marking.

There are two types of questions on the MSRA exam (see this video which covers how to approach the two main types of MSRA SJT Question).

These are:

1) Ranking questions – These are questions where you are presented with four or five actions relevant to the scenario and are asked to rank how you would approach the situation in order or appropriateness (with ‘1’ being most appropriate and ‘5’ being the least appropriate action)

2) Multiple choice questions – These will ask you to choose the three most appropriate actions related to the situation from a list of eight – the combination of these three actions should help resolve the situation in the question.

The clinical paper is usually the second part of the MSRA exam, and is taken after the Professional Dilemma paper (usually after a short break). 

The MSRA clinical paper lasts for 75 minutes and consists of 97 questions. 

It is designed to assess your ability to apply clinical knowledge and make clinical decisions, rather than being a test of pure knowledge.

Questions are designed to assess 5 core competencies.

  1. a) investigation
  2. b) diagnosis
  3. c) emergency
  4. d) prescribing
  5. e) management

12 clinical topic areas are included, and these are all covered in our MSRA Clinical Crammer Online Course:

– Cardiovascular
– Dermatology/ENT/Eyes
– Endocrinology/Metabolic
– Gastroenterology/Nutrition
– Infectious/Haematology/Allergy/Genetics
– Musculoskeletal
– Paediatrics
– Pharmacology and Therapeutics
– Psychiatry/Neurology
– Renal/Urology
– Reproductive
– Respiratory

There are 2 different types of question:

1) Extended matching questions – EMQ (chose the single most appropriate answer from a choice – answers relate to several questions)

2) Single best answer – SBA (choose the single most appropriate answer from a choice – answers relate to a single question)

The MSRA is delivered globally during a set period of consecutive days at Pearson VUE Computer Testing Centres. You can find more details about where to find your nearest MSRA test centre here.

You will be allocated a band number between 1 and 4. A band 1 score in either paper usually means the candidate has been unsuccessful. Band 4 represents a high score.

Each Speciality will utilise MSRA marks in a different way. Please visit the relevant Speciality recruitment website for full details.

For GP training the MSRA is marked using a method called normalisation. The MSRA scores for GP training candidates are normalised around a mean score of 250 with a standard deviation of 40.

The higher you score in the MSRA the higher your ranking will be. In some specialties above a certain percentile (e.g. top 10%)  would mean you would bypass the interview stage. It is advisable to aim high to ensure you get your first preference job.

It is important to start MSRA preparation early to ensure you score highly in the exam. The MSRA will assess your competencies against the GMC Good Medical Practice guidelines for the SJT paper and will test your clinical knowledge across a number of clinical areas. You will therefore need a strong grasp of ethical concepts, clinical knowledge and good exam technique to pass this exam. Our MSRA All in One Package is designed to help you with these goals.

Our most popular and comprehensive MSRA package is our MSRA Gold Pass Package – saving you time, money and planning. All of our MSRA courses and material (Online Clinical courses, 2x Audiobook Courses, 6x Mock Exams and Clinical Flash Cards) are included in this mega discounted bundle. Designed to be used over a 3-12 month preparation plan, it covers every aspect of MSRA preparation – both in terms of knowledge boost and exam technique, in 4 different teaching styles to suit each type of learning. Click here for full details and samples.

Our free MSRA Planner Programmes can help guide your preparation on a day-by-day basis.

We also offer plenty of free teaching and support through Social Media: daily teaching through our Flagship GP Training Facebook Support Group, YouTube channel and Instagram page.

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