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The most comprehensive MSRA package for complete MSRA Preparation – MSRA Gold Pass includes:

Complete Clinical Online course. Guideline based, chapter based and up-to-date.

PLUS Full SJT Online course. Question based, focus on SJT technique.

PLUS 7 x Clinical Mock exams to re-create MSRA exam conditions and increase clinical knowledge.

PLUS 7 x SJT Mock exams to refine exam technique and improve SJT performance. 

PLUS 2 x Audio courses for use when travelling – clinical + SJT

PLUS 280 digital guideline, pharmacology and SJT flashcards for quick learning.

Core MSRA teaching by Dr Aman Arora – Fellow of RCGP, previous GP Programme Director and previously involved in MSRA question writing.

Suitable for those applying for GP training, Psychiatry, Radiology, ACCS – EM, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Neurosurgery, CAMHS or CSRH

Use alongside our Free Daily MSRA Planners

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MSRA Gold Pass Package

  • Our most comprehensive MSRA package in a discounted bundle, designed for an advanced daily preparation plan – save £169!
  • 7 resources, 120+ hours of focused MSRA teaching in 4 different formats – Online, Audio, Mocks and Flash Cards
  • All aspects designed to boost your MSRA score by focusing on two core areas - boosting your knowledge and enhancing your exam technique

MSRA Clinical Crammer Course

  • Complete MSRA Clinical Crammer Online Course, designed as per MSRA syllabus
  • Chapter based, boost both your MSRA Clinical knowledge and score
  • Flexible to your needs - 1, 3, 6 or 12 month options available
1 month subscription

MSRA 14-in-1 Mock Bundle

  • Boost your SJT and clinical score with 14 high quality MSRA Mock Exams from your own home
  • 1000+ Questions. Timed conditions, immediate results and feedback, based on MSRA blueprint guidance
  • Flexible to your needs - 1, 3, 6 or 12 month options available
1 month subscription

MSRA SJT Crammer Course

  • Complete MSRA SJT Online Course, designed as per MSRA syllabus
  • Question based, boost your MSRA SJT understanding and technique
  • Flexible to your needs - 1, 3, 6 or 12 month options available
1 month subscription

Digital Flashcard 2-in-1 Bundle

  • 250 focused, quick-scan clinical and pharmacology revision e-cards to help you Pass MSRA
  • Covers key MSRA clinical guidelines and medications
  • Designed to use for quick reference, on-the-go or as part of a structured revision plan

MSRA Audiobook Bundle

  • 7+ hours of MSRA Clinical and MSRA SJT teaching via Audio
  • Buy yourself time and increase your MSRA score on the move
  • Download to phone, no expiry, listen online/offline, listen when travelling

What is the MSRA?

The Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA – also called the SRA) is a computer-based assessment that forms part of the application for UK postgraduate medical training.

You will need to pass the MSRA exam if you are training in General Practice, Radiology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery and several other medical fields.

The format of the MSRA consists of two question papers: a 75 minute clinical questions paper and a 95 minute professional dilemma questions paper. The pass mark for the MSRA test is marked on 1-4 scale, with 4 being the highest Band, The minimum Band you need to pass your MSRA depends on the specialty you are looking for.

Need help passing an MSRA assessment?

If you need help preparing for your MSRA exam, our specially-designed MSRA revision resources are the perfect option. These include focused teaching by Dr. Aman Arora – a Fellow of the RCGP and previously involved in MSRA Question Writing and Assessments.

Our All-in-One MSRA Package includes a complete clinical online course, 2 audio books, 10 mock exams and 250 flashcards – meaning you have everything you need to help pass MSRA the first time around. Our individual MSRA revision courses include a clinical online course, MSRA mock paper bundles, MSRA audiobooks and MSRA flashcard bundles.

Our free MSRA Planner Programmes can help guide your preparation on a day-by-day basis.



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