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Two targets to our AKT teaching: Boost knowledge and improve technique

Multiple teaching formats to suit your style of learning

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All of our AKT resources in one Mega Bundle
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5* AKT Rating from GP trainees

48 - MRCGP CSA, AKT and PLAB Exam Courses and Online Webinars - Arora Medical Education
20 - MRCGP CSA, AKT and PLAB Exam Courses and Online Webinars - Arora Medical Education
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Individual AKT Resources

All-in-One Gold Pass Package

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AKT Triple Online Course

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  • 3 comprehensive online courses to boost your AKT pass
  • AKT knowledge through curriculum based teaching. Full PDF slide packages available
  • Flexible to your needs - 1, 3, 6 or 12 month options available

Live Big Mock AKT Course

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  • 200 question Mock AKT in exam conditions followed by intense live day course
  • Heavy focus on technique - WHY did you answer this incorrectly?
  • Clinical, Stats, Admin crammer sessions. High yield topics and common challenge areas

AKT Triple Audiobook Bundle

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  • 10+ hours of AKT Clinical, Stats and Admin teaching via audio
  • Buy yourself time and increase your AKT score on the move
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AKT 9-in-1 Mock Bundle

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  • 9 high quality AKT Mocks. Recreate exam pressure from the comfort of your own home
  • 9000+ focused learning points. Timed conditions, immediate results and feedback
  • Flexible to your needs - 1, 3, 6 or 12 month options available

Flash Card 2-in-1 Bundle

£ 79
  • 250 focused, quick-scan clinical and pharmacology revision cards to help you Pass AKT
  • Covers key AKT clinical guidelines and medications
  • Designed to use for quick reference, on-the-go or as part of a structured revision plan


The Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) is the written component of the MRCGP qualification. It is a computer based exam and consists of 200 questions. It is designed to test GP trainees’ application of clinical knowledge, administration and statistical skills related to UK General Practice. A GP trainee who passes this examination is considered to possess the knowledge required for independent NHS General Practice within the UK.

The AKT exam occurs three times a year (usually January, April and October).

It can be taken from your ST2 year onwards – it is not possible to take as a GPST1 trainee.

It can be booked at Pearson Vue centres across the UK.

The Applied Knowledge Test currently costs £459 per sitting provided that you are a RCGP AiT member. You can book the exam via your RCGP account. This is a tax deductible cost.

The AKT exam is a challenging test as candidates have to cover a wide knowledge base. The mean pass rate for the past 5 sittings is 68.16%, based on the RCGP AKT feedback reports September 2021. It is not unheard of for a GP trainee needing to resit the AKT exam.

There is no time limit for how long an AKT pass is valid for. You can take the MRCGP AKT exam during your ST2 year of training or above. There are a maximum of four attempts to sit the exam.

The AKT exam tests your knowledge in three areas: Clinical knowledge, Administration and Statistics related to UK General Practice.

This is a large curriculum to cover and so we have created free revision planners to help guide you through your revision.

We would recommend you base your revision around learning high yield clinical topics and practicing questions to improve your exam technique. Ensure you cover areas mentioned in previous AKT feedback reports available on the RCGP website.

By approaching the exam in a more rounded approach you are more likely to pass. Our All-in-one AKT Gold Pass Package is based on this strategy to ensure you cover the topics in the curriculum in a time efficient manner.

The pass mark for each AKT exam varies. Based on the last 5 sittings for the AKT exam the average pass rate is 68.16% (September 2021). After each exam a feedback report is produced to inform deaneries and educators regarding the overall candidate performance.

There are many question banks available to subscribe to with their own pros and cons. However ensure you do not only rely on question banks for revision and ensure you get accustomed to answering questions in the time frame provided in the exam (3 hours and 10 minutes). A link to our timed mocks can be found here: https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk/mock-exam/akt-mock-exams/

There are a number of AKT courses available and they are not for everyone. Choose a course that suits your learning style. Our AKT live course enables you to have access to a mock exam a week in advance and focuses on teaching you exam technique as well as covering high yield clinical, administration and statistics in a time efficient manner.

A link to our Live Big Mock AKT course can be found here:  https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk/live-big-mock-akt-course/

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