How to Get Into UK GP Training (UK-trained or IMG doctor)

Hello! If you are considering applying for GP training then this blog is for you!

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What it covers:

✓ Basics of GP Entry
✓ Eligibility to apply
✓ The application stages
✓ Important dates for current/next round
✓ What happens in GP training

Basics of GP training Entry

✓ The GP Entry process is managed nationally by the GPNRO (GP National Recruitment Office).
✓ The recruitment process takes place 3 times a year – twice for jobs starting in August (Round 1 and Round 1 re-advert) and once for jobs starting in February (Round 2).
✓ It is a highly competitive process taking into account your overall score in the MSRA assessment.

Eligibility for application includes:

✓ Must have a basic medical qualification eg MBBS, MbChB.
✓ Must be eligible to work in UK.
✓ Must have full registration from GMC, with a licence to practice by the time your job starts.
✓ Must have evidence of having met UK Foundation Competencies (eg through being on the UK Foundation Year programme or through a Consultant signing a CREST 2021 (Certificate of Readiness to Enter Specialty Training) form. For details on this form click here.
✓ Must have at least 2 years clinical experience by the time training starts (UK or abroad).
✓ For full details of eligibility see here.

The 2 GP training Application Stages

Stage 1: Long-listing period

✓ Occurs via application through Oriel
✓ To be long-listed, you need to meet the eligibility criteria described above

Stage 2: Specialty Recruitment Assessment (SRA / MSRA / GP Stage 2)

✓ Consists of a computer-based exam with two components
a) clinical questions
b) professional dilemma questions.

✓ All questions are in multiple choice format.
✓ Clinical problem solving paper (CPS) – 97 clinical questions in 75 minutes.
✓ Professional dilemma paper (SJT) – 50 Situational Judgement Test questions in 95 minutes.

✓ Your MSRA Score counts for 100% of your GP Entry application score as there is currently no GP Stage 3 Assessments taking place. 

✓ For a full overview of the MSRA assessment, how to prepare as well as example questions click here to read our MSRA blog.

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On ‘results publication day’

✓ You will be notified of your final results and National rank through Oriel.
✓ Currently your final result is based purely on MSRA (100%) as there is no Stage 3 Assessment during Covid-19.

Important dates for next round (Round 1, August 2021 start)

✓ Applications open: 5th November 2020
✓ MSRA assessment: 28th January – 12th February 2021
✓ Stage 3 Selection centre – Cancelled due to Covid
✓ Job offers: From 4th March 2021
✓ Start date: 4th August 2021

How we can help you get into GP Training

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4) Our MSRA Mock Exams. Question papers and layouts similar to the real MSRA, our focused Mock Exams expose you to common areas that doctors struggle with. Explanations are to-the-point and based around key principles and guidance that you need to know. For our Mocks and bundles click here.

5) Our Flash Revision Cards. 150 highly focused teaching cards to use on the move. Covers all key UK guidelines as well as investigations and treatments for multiple common exam conditions. Posted to your home, worldwide. For samples click here.

6) Our free teaching and support through Social Media: plenty of daily teaching through our Flagship GP Training Facebook Support Group,  YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Once in GP training

✓ Training is usually 3 years in total (full time)
✓ Usually 18 months in General Practice placements, 18 months in hospital rotations eg Paediatrics, Acute Medicine, Accident & Emergency etc

✓ Need to complete MRCGP to exit training, consists of 3 components:

a) AKT exam (for more details on the AKT click here)
b) CSA exam (for more details on the CSA click here)
c) Workplace based assessment

On a final note…

If you are planning to apply for GP training I wish you good luck! General Practice is an extremely varied and rewarding career, as well as being one allows flexibility of work-life balance.

I look forward to supporting you through your successful selection process, as well as once in GP training as well!

Good luck and #CanPassWillPass

Dr. Aman Arora

Dr. Aman Arora

GP and full time medical educator

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Dr. Aman Arora

About Dr. Aman Arora

GP and full time medical educator

Former GPVTS Programme Director

Former NHS GP Appraiser

Former GMC PLAB 2 Examiner

Fellow of Royal College of GPs (FRCGP)

Former HEEWM Advanced AKT Trainer

Running Exam Prep courses for 10 years

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