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7000+ audiobook users  |  3 MSRA audiobook options  | 7+ hours of MSRA content

7000+ audiobook users  

3 MSRA audiobook options

7+ hours of MSRA content

Time-saving MSRA audio teaching courses to use wherever you are

Listen online or offline. No expiry. Free updates as they release

Focused, detailed, to-the-point: based on MSRA syllabus

Improve efficiency of travel, shopping, exercise

MSRA Double Audiobook Bundle

£ 69
  • 7+ hours of focused MSRA teaching designed to increase your score in both papers
  • MSRA Clinical Crammer + MSRA SJT Principles On-the-Go. Double package to save you time
  • Download to phone, no expiry, listen online/offline, listen when travelling

MSRA Clinical Crammer On-the-Go

£ 59
  • 6+ hours of focused clinical teaching to significantly boost your MSRA Clinical score
  • All core clinical areas covered as per the MSRA Blueprint, chapter based
  • Clinical guideline summaries, management options, investigation guidance

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MSRA SJT Principles On-the-Go

£ 29
  • Key principles simplified to make your SJT questions easier
  • Understand core GMC guidance from ‘Good Medical Practice’ - how to use this to get questions right
  • Guided examples of professional dilemmas and how to approach them

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