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Aman, you go above & beyond to help people like myself sitting CSA & AKT. You have truly helped so many of us going through these difficult exams & difficult times. Not only exams, once we are done with them, you still continue to take time to give us professional advice, no matter how busy you are. You are an inspiration for all of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart & see you soon 🙂

CSA Course Feedback

100% of trainees feel it was a RELEVANT course.
Relevant 100%
100% of trainees feel it was an ENJOYABLE course.
Enjoyable 100%
99% of trainees feel it was a PERSONAL course.
Personal 99%

“Everything today was extremely helpful – I finally realised what I need to do. Thank you so much!” GP ST3 London

“Pleased to say I passed, scored 98….the course was incredibly relevant and no doubt bettered my chances of passing!”  GP ST3 Nottingham

“Honestly can’t think of anything you could have done better!”  GP ST3 Newcastle

“All the cases were different – excellent feedback – best course I have been on!”  GP ST3 Hereford

“An excellent course, worth every penny! Loads of role-playing, just what I needed”  GP ST3 Cumbria

“Far far far better than any other CSA courses out there – your course is a ‘must’ for anyone taking the CSA exam”  GP ST3 Newcastle

“Very friendly and non-judgemental view”  GP ST3 Leeds

“Good news – I passed! Thanks for the day – I AM convinced it shifted some of my thinking (and hopefully, behaviour!)”  GP ST3 London

“Really good to practice with awkward patients!”  GP ST3 Oldham

“Excellent case spread – feel much better prepared” GP ST3 Manchester

“Thanks again for your help. I got 92 marks and a blank feedback sheet – so pleased!” GP ST3 Birmingham

“Very friendly – enjoyed the small group setting” GP ST3 London

“Very good and personalised role-playing. Very relevant” GP ST3 Aberdeen

“Impressed by the course – helped me increase my confidence. Will definately recommend to others” GP ST3 London

“Liked the fact that difficult cases were used” GP ST3 Birmingham

“Covered all relevant areas – very thorough!” GP ST3 Bolton

“Will be telling all my colleagues of the quality of your course”  GP ST3 Manchester

“Real experience – exactly what is needed for exam purposes” GP ST3 Cardiff

“Happy to give you a glowing comment about how excellent your teaching is – having done several courses, yours is the best by a mile!” GP ST3 Nottingham

“Real portrayal of exam situations” GP ST3 Leeds

“Targeted and very structured. Immediate feedback was invaluable!” GP ST3 Manchester

“Fantastic course – will recommend to everyone!” GP ST3 Stoke

“Very practical advice, aimed directly at how to pass the exam” GP ST3 Durham

“Very varied case histories, covering key concepts” GP ST3 Leicester

“A real eye-opener to the exam!” GP ST3 Southampton

Aman is very kind and approachable - and obviously very passionate about medical education. Right from the start he encourages you to be pro-active, work hard and believe in yourself ? I think I probably went to everything he does (including the meditation) as I found myself really learning from his positive approach to exams, training and life in general. With his support and a little determination, I did both my AKT and CSA back to back during a stressful period. I really feel he helps to empower trainees to succeed whatever the circumstances. AKT : I got the 60 day poster and worked through it daily from start to end - didn't feel rushed the day before, for a change! The mock course was very good for time management and breadth of topics covered. He was also available afterwards during my revision, answering my geeky medical questions on email. The free and constant stream of YouTube videos and revision cards were really useful for keeping me in the zone even when I wasn't actively "studying". CSA : I started off with his free CSA taster session earlier in the ST3 year for a simple overview - his structure is easy to remember and apply, and his style of teaching takes the fear out of the exam. The CSA course was thorough and hilarious for some reason (can't forget the laughs!), nice lunch (can't forget the pineapples lol) and I ended up making Skype partners for later too. We also used his 3-part study pack in our study groups. The ongoing positivity and pastoral care during a difficult time was second to none. I'm so grateful he has the time to give so much to medical education. Thank you very much Aman - you are an inspiration. Would definitely recommend!

AKT Course Feedback

100% of trainees feel it was a RELEVANT course.
Relevant 100%
99% of trainees feel it was an ENJOYABLE course.
Enjoyable 99%
98% of trainees feel it was a PERSONAL course.
Personal 98%

“Excellent day – learned a huge amount!” GP ST2 Birmingham

“Great to try the whole thing in one go” GP ST3 London

“Covered so much – lots to go back and revise!” GP ST3 Dundee

“Thank you so much – very useful day!” GP ST2 Nottingham

“All key areas covered, broken down nicely” GP ST2 Walsall

“Well worth it!” GP ST2 Wolverhampton

“Fantastic course – improved my chances hugely” GP ST3 Cardiff

“Approachable trainer, all my queries answered!” GP ST3 Durham

“Thank you for your hard work!” GP ST3 Leicester

“Simply superb” GP ST2 London


I passed the CSA in my second attempt in May 2017 after attending Aman's course - both 1 day course and the online course. The course was so useful fro me as it explored all the aspects the different topics of the curriculum . The different cases were just brilliant and so useful for me to get tips and cues vital to the exam. The highlight in the course is the encouraging attitude and support that Aman gives to all trainees who attend - makes you feel positive towards the exam at the end of the day. I bought the pass guide posters which I still use for my clinic. It is so comprehensive and is excellent for a quick read. I would like to thank Aman wholeheartedly for all his efforts he puts in for each trainee. I would recommend this course for all trainees who wants to excel both in the exam and as a General Practitioner - Thank You Aman!

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