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Double RCA Audiobook Bundle


2 Audiobooks in 1 | RCA On-the-Go + Medical ‘How to Explain’ | Save £27!


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rca aud2 rec min 1024x535 1 - MRCGP AKT, RCA, MSRA and PLAB Exam Courses and Revision - Arora Medical Education
rca aud rec min - MRCGP AKT, RCA, MSRA and PLAB Exam Courses and Revision - Arora Medical Education
Trustpilot Review Sanjivani Ganjewar 1024x535 1 - MRCGP AKT, RCA, MSRA and PLAB Exam Courses and Revision - Arora Medical Education

RCA Audiobook bundle 3-min

RCA Double Audiobook Bundle


  • The most comprehensive audio RCA course bundle to boost your pass – RCA Cases and Explanations combined. 9+ hours teaching.
  • Balance real life vs scoring marks. Buy yourself time and increase your RCA score on the move
  • Download to phone, listen online/offline, listen when travelling, shopping, gym, free updates for 12 months

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RCA Cases Audiobook

Medical Explanations Audiobook

Course Contents

RCA On-the-Go

1. Standard consultation

2. Emergency case

3. Admission case

4. 2-week referral

5. 3rd party case

6. Telephone case

7. Video consultation case

8. Home visit case

9. Cardiac chest pain

10. MI

11. Palpitations

12. Atrial Fibrillation

13. Warfarin vs NOAC


15. Raised BP

16. CVD risk/lipids

17. Intermittent claudication

18. Asthma

19. COPD

20. DVT

21. Acute SOB

22. Chest infection

23. Smoking

24. OSA

25. Rash

26. Acne

27. Eczema

28. Psoriasis

29. Moles

30. Diabetes

31. Thyroid

32. Headache

33. Stroke

34. TIA

35. Seizure

36. Parkinsonism

37. Falls

38. Gradual vision loss

39. Red eye

40. Low mood

41. Anxiety

42. Hallucinations

43. Confusion

44. Chronic Kidney Disease

45. Abdominal pain

46. Diarrhoea

47. Constipation

48. Lower GI cancer

49. Dyspepsia

50. Upper GI cancer

51. IBS

52. Abnormal LFTs

53. Weight loss

54. Tired all the time

55. Ear pain

56. Tinnitus

57. Hearing loss

58. Dizziness

59. Sore throat

60. Urgent ENT

61. Anaemia

62. Erectile dysfunction

63. LUTS

64. PSA scenario

65. STI

66. Upper Limb

67. Lower Limb

68. Back Pain

69. Contraception

70. Missed pill

71. Emergency contraception

72. Periods

73. Menorrhagia

74. Menopause

75. Infertility

76. Early pregnancy

77. Mid-late pregnancy

78. Breast

79. Travel scenarios

80. Alcohol

81. Substance misuse

82. Paediatric behavioural scenario

83. Enuresis

84. Safeguarding

85. Health Promotion

86. Elderly patient

87. Younger person

88. Breaking bad news

89. Angry/demanding patient

90. Genetics

91. Complaint

92. Domestic violence

93. Embarrassed patient

94. Blasé patient

95. Multiple agenda

96. Poor compliance

97. Palliative Care

98. Intellectual disability

99. Ethical scenario

100. The ‘Perfect’ RCA consultation

Medical Explanations On-the-Go

1. Cardiology Explanations

2. Respiratory Explanations

3. Gastroenterology Explanations

4. Psychiatry Explanations

5. Dermatology Explanations

6. Immunology Explanations

7. Neurology Explanations

8. Women’s Health Explanations

9. Men’s Health Explanations

10. Endocrinology Explanations

11. Ophthalmology Explanations

12. Renal Explanations

13. Genetics Explanations

14. GU Medicine Explanations

15. Infectious Disease Explanations

16. ENT Explanations

17. Paediatrics Explanations

18. Musculoskeletal Explanations

19. Haematology Explanations

20. Cancer Explanations

21. Medical Test Explanations

rca aud2 rec min 1024x535 1 - MRCGP AKT, RCA, MSRA and PLAB Exam Courses and Revision - Arora Medical Education
rca aud rec min - MRCGP AKT, RCA, MSRA and PLAB Exam Courses and Revision - Arora Medical Education
Trustpilot Review Sanjivani Ganjewar 1024x535 1 - MRCGP AKT, RCA, MSRA and PLAB Exam Courses and Revision - Arora Medical Education



How long do I get access to material for?

Both of our RCA audiobooks come with unlimited access once downloaded. You also get free updates for 12 months 🙂

What is the ideal time to buy the courses?

Very simply, as early as possible! In fact many ST2s and ST3s who have recently passed AKT get our RCA audiobooks to get ahead! There is a lot of material to get through, and there is also no limit to usage. Therefore the earlier that you get the audiobooks, the more value you will get. 

My submission is in 3 weeks – is there enough time to use the package?

The audiobooks can be used as quick crammers – even if you listen to them once you will enhance your knowledge and consultation technique for RCA significantly.

What if guidelines change?

We regularly update our audiobooks. As soon as we update on our side, you can download the updates on your side.

Are the audiobooks included in the RCA Gold Pass Package?

Yes. When doctors purchase the RCA Gold Pass Package they get automatic access to both RCA audiobook courses. 

The RCA Gold Pass Package is our most comprehensive package to pass RCA, focusing on two core components – knowledge and consultation technique. 

Apart from the audiobooks it includes a more detailed online course, online case bank, data gathering flashcards, explanation flashcards and wall poster.

For more details and trainee reviews click here.  

How do I download the audiobooks to my phone or tablet?

Once you purchase the audiobooks you will find an activation link in your account. Our audiobooks are hosted on the Awespound platform – once you create your Awesound account using the link you will able to download the audiobook for offline use. 

Can I listen on a desktop or laptop?

Yes. You can stream the audio through any laptop or desktop. You can also download the audiobook to phone or tablet. 

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. At checkout you can choose the PayPal option, there will be an option to ‘pay-in-3’ (this is not available for all prices and in all countries).

Are notes or transcripts available with the audiobooks?

Our audiobook courses do not come with any PDF files or transcripts as they are created to teach purely through audio (thereby enabling you to use them when on-the-go).

Can I speed up or slow down the audio?

Yes. Some trainees learn better with slower or quicker audio – this can be done either whilst streaming or when downloaded on apps. 

RCA Audiobook bundle 3-min