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Mental Health, Insomnia, Extended matching

Mrs Trump has come to see you regarding her sleep. Over the last few months she has found it more and more difficult to both fall and stay asleep. She is 29-years-old and is normally fit and well. She smokes 14 cigarettes a day (but is trying to stop and has agreed to smoking cessation service referral) and drinks three units of alcohol most weeks. Mrs Trump goes jogging twice a week and has a healthy diet. Mrs Trump is currently a full-time mum to her three children (all under five) one of whom has severe learning difficulties. In the last few weeks Mrs Trump has tried to improve her sleep hygiene with help from the NHS choices website but feels she needs additional help. She has read about cognitive behavioural therapy intervention and would like to discuss what this means and if she could try it. Match the following CBT-I techniques with the description that best describes it, Match in order of A-F

A: stimulus control therapy

B: sleep restriction therapy

C: relaxation training

D: paradoxical intention

E: biofeedback


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