Arthur, who is ten weeks old, has been brought to the GP surgery by his mother Josie. Josie informs you that her 4 year old daughter was also seen earlier in the week, with coryzal symptoms and a barking cough which has responded well to a dose of Dexamethasone.

However, Josie has noticed that Arthur has developed a runny nose and a similar sounding cough. He is otherwise well, his feeding is slightly reduced but he is wetting nappies and is settled when asleep.

On examination, Arthur is easily rousable, his fontanelles are unremarkable, he has sternal recession at rest and his chest is clear. There are no rashes.

Pulse rate 150 bpm
Respiratory rate 52 breaths per minute
Temperature 36.7°C
Capillary refill less than 2 seconds

What is the most appropriate management?

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