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Mr Johnson is a 76 year old retired carpenter who presents to the GP surgery due to concerns about his eyesight. Over the last few months, he has found it difficult to see the outlines of his plants at the end of his garden (moreso when it is very sunny). He has also had an episode of glare whilst driving at night. He does not usually drive at night, so is not too bothered by this. He had his eyes checked yesterday and was advised he needed a change in his prescription and that he had Cataracts.

He was advised to see his GP and says he is otherwise keeping well. On examination the red reflex is reduced and visual acuity is 6/12. Past medical history includes Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hypertension and severe right Knee Osteoarthritis (managed medically as he isn’t keen on any form of surgery).

What is the most appropriate management of Mr Johnson’s cataracts?

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