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You are the duty doctor and a telephone consultation has been arranged for Ellie who is a four month old baby. Her notes reveal she was born at term by natural delivery after an uncomplicated pregnancy and is up to date with immunisations. Mum says over the last five days Ellie has been very unsettled towards the end of the day, crying for up to an hour even when being carried. The episodes usually start in the afternoon where Ellie becomes distressed, turns red and draws up her legs. Once the episode subsides she returns to her normal self. Ellie is exclusively breastfed, has six wet nappies a day and is sleeping well overnight. Joan, her mother, is not aware of any unusual episodes, temperatures, respiratory symptoms and she doesn’t have any rashes. Joan has done some reading online, feels she likely has colic and would like some advice about what treatment options there are.

What should you advise her mum to do next?

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