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Michael aged five, is currently in your consulting room, and is reported to have suffered a seizure whilst on his way to the appointment. Michael’s mother Lucy is clearly very distressed and explained that whilst getting into a taxi his eyes rolled back and his arms and legs became stiff and then began to swing back and forth. She thinks the episode lasted 2 minutes following which Michael was a bit groggy for about twenty minutes. The appointment was originally booked as he was suffering from intermittent fever, ear pain and coughing for the past week. She informs you that he is normally fit and well, is up-to-date with his immunisations and has one older brother.

On examination:

Michael is alert.

Heart rate – 100 bpm

Respiratory rate – 25 breaths per minute

Temperature – 37.1°C

Oxygen saturations – 100% on air

Cardiological, respiratory, abdominal and neurological examinations – normal

Right ear – a bulging erythematous tympanic membrane

Left ear – normal

Throat examination – normal

Based on on the likely diagnosis, what is the most appropriate course of action?

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