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Mr Briggs is a 40 year old welder who has requested an emergency appointment for review of his right eye, which is painful and red. His symptoms started earlier today whilst he was at work. He explains that he noticed an ‘odd sensation’ which then became painful over about 60 minutes. On arriving home, he noticed that his eye had also become red. Mr Briggs denies any visual disturbances, discharge/watering of the eye, trauma or the presence of any systemic symptoms. He is normally fit and well and does not need glasses or contact lenses.

On examination of the right eye, there is conjunctival injection but no swelling of the eyelid or peri-orbital region. Eye movements are normal, the pupil is reactive to light. Fluorescein staining does not identify any obvious foreign body and fundoscopy is normal.

What is the most suitable course of action?

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