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Question Categories: Women’s health


You see a 32 year old lady who is 22 weeks pregnant presenting with a 1 day history of pedal oedema. On examination you note she has new hypertension and urine dipstick reveals proteinuria. Foetal movements are as normal. What is the most likely diagnosis?


Kelly is 25 years old and attends the GP surgery as she wishes to commence the combined oral contraceptive pill. She has recently started treatment for TB and takes Rifampicin, Pyrazinamide, Ethambutol, Isoniazid and Pyridoxine. Which one of the following contraceptive methods would be most suitable?


A 29 year old lady presents with a 2 month history of a painless breast lump. It has not grown. On examination she has a 2cm rubbery, non-tender, highly mobile lump within the right upper outer quadrant of the breast. There is no abnormality on visual inspection of the breasts. She is concerned as her …

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Emily is 7 weeks pregnant with her first baby and presents with a one day history of faint brown vaginal discharge and mild abdominal cramps which began this morning. On examination the cervical os is closed and abdominal examination is normal. Her observations are stable and pregnancy test is positive. What is the most likely …

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Maria is 35 years old and 33 weeks pregnant with her first child. She has been experiencing constant abdominal pain and has had a large vaginal bleed earlier that morning. On examination she has a tender, tense uterus with a ‘woody’ feel. Her observations are stable and past medical history includes Hypertension. What is the …

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Jane is 35 years old and is 27 weeks pregnant with her first child. She has noticed some painless vaginal bleeding this morning and says she recalls the sonographer finding an incidental abnormality with her placenta at the 20 week scan which they said may resolve on its own accord. Abdominal examination is normal and …

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Maya is 20 years old and presents to A&E with a 1 day history of right sided lower abdominal pain and nausea. She denies any urinary symptoms, vaginal bleeding or any fevers. She is sexually active and her recent STI screen was normal. Her menstrual cycle is irregular and occurs every 4 – 7 weeks. …

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Meera is 16 weeks pregnant and has now decided she would like to consent to having screening for Down’s syndrome. Which one of the following tests would be most appropriate for her to have initially?


Tia is 10 weeks pregnant with her first baby and is enquiring about group B streptococcus (GBS) screening. Which one of the following statements is least correct?


Simone is a 22 year old pharmacist who is seen in the Gynaecology clinic with a 6 month history of pelvic pain. She has a 28 day menstrual cycle but periods are very painful and she also complains of deep dyspareunia. She has been trying to conceive with her partner now for 9 months. This …

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