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You receive an Accident and Emergency admission letter after the weekend about a 6 year old boy called Mark. You read he was admitted over the weekend with a suspected testicular torsion. Which of the following risk factors are recognised risk factors for testicular torsion? Please select one or more options.


Mr Edwards is 70 years old and is known to have Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. He is stable on Finasteride but rings the surgery alarmed as he has read about some rare reports of cancer in patients taking this medication. Which type of cancer is he referring to?


A 30 year old male presents to the GP surgery with a firm, non-tender lump in his right testicle. You examine him and agree further investigations are necessary to rule out testicular cancer. Which of the below types of testicular cancer accounts for around 40-45% of all testicular cancers?


You are about to see an 8 year old boy with Nephrotic syndrome who is new to your GP practice and review his clinic letters before calling him in. What is the most common cause of Nephrotic syndrome in children?


A 27 year old female presents to the GP with a 2 week history of right sided flank pain which is stabbing in nature. She denies any relieving or aggravating factors. She has tried Paracetamol but it is of little help to her. Pain is not impacting her daily life. She has a past medical …

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A 64 year old man presented to the GP surgery with dysuria, and a urine dipstick was positive for blood and trace of nitrites. A seven day course of antibiotics was given. He comes back 2 weeks later with similar symptoms. Repeat dipstick again shows blood. Urine culture did not show any growth last time. …

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Ramesh is 54 years old and is requesting a PSA test as he is worried following hearing a colleague had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. You arrange for a PSA test after discussing that the PSA test is not diagnostic. Which one of the following would not affect a PSA reading?


A 44 year old man presents requesting a referral for a vasectomy. He has two children who are healthy and he has reached this decision after discussion with his wife. However, he is very nervous and wants to find out about the risks. Which one of the following options regarding vasectomy is least correct?


Alport’s syndrome is a rare condition that can progress to Chronic Kidney Disease. Which one of the following statements about the condition is incorrect?


Lorraine Willets is a 72 year old lady who has been suffering with symptoms of urinary urgency, frequency and nocturia. There is no history of red flags such as haematuria, abdominal pain or bloating. Vital observations including blood pressure are normal and abdominal and pelvic examination is unremarkable. Urine dipstick is negative and a MSU …

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