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Question Categories: Renal and Urology


Mr Jones is 70 years old and found to have testicular cancer. Which one of the following types of testicular tumour is he most likely to have?


Joyce Watkins is 67 years old and presents to the GP with concerns about urinary incontinence. You take a detailed history to establish what type of incontinence she has. Which one of the below statements about incontinence is most correct?


You receive some routine blood results back from a patient with advanced renal failure. Which of the following features would be most in-keeping with his results?


Karen is 52 years old and has a 5 month history of urinary incontinence which mainly occurs when she has sneezed or coughed. It has got more frequent which prompted her to attend the GP. She denies any haematuria, dysuria or urgency symptoms. She has 2 children who were born via normal vaginal delivery. Systems …

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You speak to John who is a 57 year old mechanic that attended Accident and Emergency over the weekend. He described excruciating loin pain and he was told he is likely to have renal stones. He left before further investigations could be arranged. You discuss the different types of stones. Which types of stone accounts …

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You speak to Mr Robertson who is 65 years old and is enquiring about the PSA blood test. After taking a history you determine he is asymptomatic but has a family history of Prostate cancer. He opts to have a PSA blood test after discussion about the risks and benefits of testing. Which of the …

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Tom is a 43 year old office worker who presents to the GP with his wife requesting a referral for a vasectomy. They have completed their family and done some initial reading about the procedure online. What is the lifetime failure rate for a vasectomy?


Amy is 23 years old and presents with a 4 day history of left sided flank pain and dysuria. It is stabbing in nature and there are no obvious relieving or aggravating factors. Paracetamol has not helped the pain. She is known to have recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) but feels the pain is different …

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Mr Roberts is a 62 year old man who attends for his Diabetic review. His urine dipstick is positive for blood. He is surprised given that he has not noticed any blood in the urine himself. Which co-existent features would worry you the most? Please select one or more answers.


A 30 year old male presents to the GP surgery with a firm, non-tender lump in his right testicle. You examine him and agree further investigations are necessary to rule out testicular cancer. Which of the below types of testicular cancer accounts for around 40-45% of all testicular cancers?

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