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Terry attends his medication review and has a specific question. He is prescribed Simvastatin, Ramipril and Cetirizine. Which one of the following interacts with Simvastatin?


Mrs Alfred is 88 years old and has been suffering with metastatic lung cancer for the past few months and has deteriorated moreso over the last few weeks. Her pain has been controlled via the use of a Fentanyl transdermal patch. Her son rings the GP surgery for an urgent home visit as she has …

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A 9 year old boy has been brought in to Accident and Emergency by his worried mother. He is known to have a nut allergy and just ate a new biscuit and has developed tongue swelling and is wheezy. What dose of adrenaline would be most appropriate to administer?


Roger is a 72 year old retired boxer who attends the GP surgery for his medication review. He briefly mentions that both of his breasts have become enlarged in the past 12 months. There is no history of pain or discharge and he is systemically well. Examination reveals bilateral gynaecomastia. Which one of the following …

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Raymond is a 28 year old engineer who presents with a one month history of well-defined, scaly, erythematous plaques on his knees and elbows. The appearance is classic of Psoriasis. Which one of his existing medications should you counsel him could trigger his Psoriasis?


Mrs Thomas is an 85 year old lady who has metastatic colorectal cancer and is struggling with pain. She has been on Morphine Sulphate modified-release tablets for several months and takes 20mg twice daily. On top of this she requires 5mg of Oramorph on average 8 times a day. What dose of Morphine Sulphate modified-release …

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Julie is a 67 year old lady who has end stage COPD and is suffering with breathlessness. There is no history of fever, chest pain or productive cough. Which one of the following medications is least likely to be used in the management of dyspnoea in palliative care?


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