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Question Categories: Therapeutics


You are carrying out a medication review for a patient with Epilepsy controlled by Carbamazepine. Which one of the following options show the common side effects of Carbamazepine?


Mrs Jones is 85 years old and has metastatic colorectal cancer. You see her on a GP home visit and her family explain she is having a lot of side effects from Morphine which is currently being given via a syringe driver. Her daily Morphine requirement is currently 150mg in total and seems to manage …

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Mr Casper is a 70 year old male with advanced lymphoma and you are due to see him on a GP home visit. The district nurse asks you to review his analgesia as he is using Oramorph 5mg 8 times daily. In addition to this he takes Morphine Sulphate 40mg modified-release tablets twice daily. What …

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A 45 year old man attends the urgent care centre with a 4 hour history of abdominal pain, diarrhoea, fever and rigors. He is currently receiving chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukaemia. On examination, his temperature is 39.8 °C, his heart rate is 133 beats per minute, his respiratory rate is 26 breaths per minute, his …

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A 22 year old male discloses to you that he uses Cannabis regularly and would like help to quit. Which one of the following statements about Cannabis is least correct?


John is 58 years old and known to have lung cancer. He presents to A&E with headaches and recurrent early morning vomiting. A subsequent CT head demonstrates multiple brain metastases. What is the most appropriate initial treatment option for his vomiting symptoms?


Jake is a 39 year old chef who is known to have Depression and in particular he struggles to get to sleep. You discuss commencing Mirtazapine following little improvement of his symptoms with Fluoxetine and Sertraline. Which one of the below symptoms is not associated with Mirtazapine?


Martha is 10 years old and requires antibiotics for a confirmed urinary tract infection. You need to prescribe a 3 day course of Trimethoprim at 4mg/kg twice daily dose. Martha weighs 30kg and Trimethoprim oral suspension comes as 50mg/5ml sugar free. How much Trimethoprim suspension does she need to be given at each dose?


Terry attends his medication review and has a specific question. He is prescribed Simvastatin, Ramipril and Cetirizine. Which one of the following interacts with Simvastatin?


Mrs Alfred is 88 years old and has been suffering with metastatic lung cancer for the past few months and has deteriorated moreso over the last few weeks. Her pain has been controlled via the use of a Fentanyl transdermal patch. Her son rings the GP surgery for an urgent home visit as she has …

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