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Toby is 52 years old and has just lost his father due to lung cancer. Toby is a heavy smoker and is determined to stop smoking. He has read about Varenicline. Which one of the following features in his medical history would make you most wary about prescribing this?


You discuss the recommended weekly alcohol intake with a 42 year old artist who admits ‘drinking a bit too much’. Which one of the below drinks does not match the associated approximate number of alcohol units?


Mrs Jones is 52 years old and has COPD. You have had a lengthy discussion with her about smoking cessation and she informs you she is concerned about potential withdrawal symptoms. Which one of the following symptoms is least likely to be a withdrawal symptom of smoking cessation?


Kim is 15 years old and attends with her mother who caught her smoking a cigarette when she arrived home early from work. Kim has admitted she has regularly smoked around 10 cigarettes a day for 6 months now. She admits she has not been able to go a day without smoking in the last …

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Timothy is a 45 year old male with Depression who wants to quit smoking. His Psychiatry team has recently stopped his Moclobemide and the smoking cessation team want to commence Bupropion. What is the minimum length of time after stopping Moclobemide after which he can take Bupropion?


You are having a tutorial about opioid dependence with your clinical supervisor having seen several patients recently who needed referral to the drug and alcohol team. Which one of the following statements about Methadone is most correct?


A 22 year old male discloses to you that he uses Cannabis regularly and would like help to quit. Which one of the following statements about Cannabis is least correct?


Mr Jones attends for his medication review and informs you that he is considering stopping smoking. He agrees to be referred to the smoking cessation team and you discuss withdrawal symptoms and some medications which may need their dose altering if he stops smoking. Which of the following medications may need monitoring or their dose …

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Tom is a 42 year old plumber who is very keen to quit smoking and you discuss Bupropion with him. Which one of the following statements is least correct about prescribing Bupropion in smoking cessation?


You see a 27 year old male who discloses he has a Cannabis addiction and wants to get help. Which one of the following statements about Cannabis is least correct?


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