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You are an FY2 doctor working on a Cardiology ward and suspect that the ‘friends and family’ satisfaction questionnaire responses are being fabricated. You walk into the staff room to see the nurse in charge hastily looking up from a pile of papers and hurriedly putting a pen in her pocket. You notice that the …

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You are an FY2 doctor on a busy colorectal ward. One of the FY2 doctors on your ward has called in sick today for his day shift and is meant to be on annual leave from tomorrow. However, later that evening on social media you see from a mutual friend’s Facebook photos that he is …

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You are an FY2 doctor on an orthopaedic ward and have just got into work for your day shift. Yesterday afternoon before leaving, you asked the FY2 doctor on-call for the night shift to ask the on-call radiologist to urgently report a pelvic x-ray, as a patient had a suspected fracture. The x-ray was scheduled …

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You are due to start your FY2 year on a Dermatology placement next week. You have just found out your ex-boyfriend is a Dermatology registrar in the same department. You are annoyed you must work with him given that your relationship ended on bad terms. You are reluctant to start work and wish you were …

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You are an FY2 Doctor working on an orthopaedic ward. Your registrar explains to Mrs Jude, an elderly patient who has been admitted, that she needs an urgent operation for a hip fracture. Mrs Jude is adamant despite understanding and weighing up the risks and benefits of surgery, that she does not want the surgery …

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You are an FY2 doctor working in Accident and Emergency and your FY2 colleague, Jack, tells you about a patient he is currently clerking. His patient is very anaemic and was admitted for consideration of a blood transfusion. You are aware that the patient has capacity. Jack is a Jehovah’s witness and mentions in passing …

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You are an FY2 doctor working in General Practice and have come into reception during your busy morning surgery. You overhear the last patient you have seen (Mr Poulton), telling another patient (Mr Jones), he could wait for him to be seen and then drive him home. Mr Poulton has just seen you for a …

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You are in a park when you witness a little girl fall off her bicycle and begin to cry saying her leg is hurting. Although she gets up from the ground and begins slowly walking, her mother who is with her appears very distressed. You are due to start work shortly as an FY2 doctor …

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You are an FY2 doctor on a busy colorectal ward and suspect that your FY1 colleague is dating your registrar. You feel that the registrar always allocates her shorter tasks from the ward round and will offer for her to observe in theatre more often than yourself. You get on well with both of your …

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You are an FY2 doctor in a busy cardiology ward. The nurse in charge asks you to speak to Mrs James who is awaiting her discharge medication before going home. She is worried she is going to miss her grandson’s party and is annoyed about the delay. You notice that your FY2 colleague, who was …

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