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While working as an FY2 in urology, your best friend contacts you. She asks you to provide a private prescription of painkillers following a scaphoid fracture. She says that she is finding it difficult to get time off work to make an appointment with her own GP. Do you: Rank the following actions in order …

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You are working as an FY2 Doctor in general practice. You are planning to leave at 5pm tonight as you have to pick up your daughter from childcare. It is 4.30pm and you have almost finished your routine paperwork before leaving. Your clinical supervisor is running late, as she is currently reviewing a sick child. …

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You are an FY2 Doctor on the respiratory ward. During your conversation with one of the cleaners, she informs you that due to a current infection, she was told to isolate by public health. However, she has still decided to come to work as she is not in direct contact with patients and drives her …

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While working as an FY2 in breast surgery, one of the patients makes a passing comment that your male colleague, another FY2 in the same placement, appeared nervous during the breast examination. You can see that a chaperone was present during the examination. Do you: Rank the following actions in order from the most appropriate …

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You are an FY2 Doctor who has just started your job on the nephrology ward. While you are assessing a patient who was admitted by the team overnight, you hear a shout for help, followed by the emergency buzzer. You apologise to the patient and attend to the scene, where the ward clerk has collapsed …

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You are working as an FY2 Doctor in orthopaedics. You have reviewed Simon, a 48 year old man with urinary incontinence and lower back pain. When you speak to your registrar, he asks you to discharge the patient with an outpatient MRI scan and follow-up. However, you feel that he needs to be urgently admitted …

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You are an FY2 Doctor in infectious diseases. One of the patients has just been diagnosed with active Pulmonary Tuberculosis and they tell you that they are planning to fly to Australia next week. You are not sure if this would be allowed, given that Tuberculosis is contagious. Do you: Rank the following actions in …

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You are an FY2 Doctor in paediatrics. You review a 4 year old boy with an unusual pattern of bruising on his right shoulder that is inconsistent with the history given by his mother and father. You notice that the relationship between his parents is tense and they seem verbally aggressive with the boy. You …

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While working as an FY2 Doctor on the gastroenterology ward, you are reviewing an unwell patient who has active Melaena. You are waiting for the medical registrar to attend the ward as you require senior support, but she is currently dealing with another unwell patient with Myocardial Infarction. Apart from yourself, there is one nurse …

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You are an FY2 Doctor currently on-call overnight on the ophthalmology ward. You notice some redness on your right arm which you suspect might be cellulitis. You feel well but you are concerned because it is spreading further up the arm. Do you: Rank the following actions in order from the most appropriate (1) to …

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