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Question Categories: SJT MBA


You are an FY2 Doctor in general practice. You diagnose otitis media in a 4 year old child and recommend conservative management. The mother disagrees with your treatment plan as she feels antibiotics are required. She requests to see a ‘more senior doctor’. Your GP supervisor is currently seeing another patient. Choose the three most …

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You are working as an FY2 Doctor on the oncology ward. Samantha is one of your FY2 colleagues on the ward, with whom you have a good rapport. The ward manager asks you to speak to Samantha as she has received comments from patients, who feel that her perfume is too strong. You have not …

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You are working as an FY2 Doctor on the psychiatry ward. During an overnight shift, shouting can be heard between the registrar and one of the nurses. You and other patients are able to hear their raised voices, despite writing your notes at the other end of the ward. You suspect that they are having …

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You are an FY2 Doctor in obstetrics and gynaecology. While you are having lunch in the staff room, one of the nurses makes a racist remark, regarding one of the patients on the ward. Choose the three most appropriate actions to take in this situation:


You are working as an FY2 Doctor in general practice. You leave the room temporarily with the patient still sat down. When you return to the room, you find the patient stood next to the computer monitor, where they appear to be reading their medical notes. Choose the three most appropriate actions to take in …

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While working as an FY2 Doctor in the emergency medicine department, one patient comments that your clothes look unprofessional. You do not feel that this is the case, and your attire is very similar to that of your colleagues. Choose the three most appropriate actions to take in this situation:


You are an FY2 Doctor on the orthopaedics ward. The ward clerk informs you that she has received a written complaint addressed to you. It is regarding your care for George, an 85 year old man who was admitted following a Fractured Neck of Femur. The patient feels that he should have been offered surgery, …

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You are an FY2 Doctor working overnight in the emergency medicine department. James, an 85 year old man with multiple co-morbidities goes into cardiopulmonary arrest on arrival to hospital, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation is started immediately. His daughter advises that a ‘Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation’ (DNACPR) was completed by his GP and in a previous …

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You are an FY2 Doctor in general practice. You have asked Dr Horncroft to complete a case-based discussion for a patient you saw with them earlier in the week, with urinary symptoms. You prescribed antibiotics and feel that the consultation went well. When you log-in to your portfolio, you note that Dr Horncroft has selected …

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You are an FY2 in vascular surgery. You booked annual leave for a family wedding 3 months ago, before you started your rotation. One week before your annual leave is due to start, you receive an e-mail from the rota co-ordinator, advising that you will now be expected to work next week. This is due …

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