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You are an FY2 doctor who has just started working in General Practice. You attend to see an elderly patient with suspected cellulitis on a home visit. He has been a patient at the surgery for many years but due to frailty has become housebound recently. During your assessment, it is clear he demonstrates a …

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You are an FY2 doctor in General Practice who assesses an elderly patient who has been generally unwell for the past few days. Urgent bloods are arranged, and the laboratory call you just before you are due to depart for afternoon FY2 weekly teaching. The patient’s results show clear evidence of acute kidney injury along …

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You are an FY2 doctor on a respiratory ward. You have unfortunately given bad news to a patient on your ward that his scan shows a suspicion lesion, highly suggestive of malignant lung cancer. You feel the conversation was difficult but overall felt it was uneventful. The following morning, a written complaint has been received …

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You are an FY2 doctor on an ENT ward and the ward manager raises an electronic complaint form about your appearance and clothing. He feels that your clothing is informal and unprofessional at times. You are alarmed and do not agree with this. Choose the three most appropriate actions to take in this situation.


You are an FY2 doctor on the Geriatrics ward and the evening before an on-call shift, you feel that you may be developing an illness. An initial fever has settled but you have some abdominal cramps and have had one episode of diarrhoea overnight. This morning you feel better and have eaten breakfast. However, you …

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You are an FY2 doctor working in a Cardiology ward. Before you start your shift, you overhear the cleaner on your ward speaking to a nurse. The cleaner says that she has been having night sweats and lost several kilograms of weight unintentionally over the last few months. The nurse tells her it is nothing …

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You are an FY2 Doctor on a renal ward and have just finished inserting a cannula for a ward patient. The lady tells you that your consultant is rude and has noticed he is sometimes short-tempered on the ward round. She tells you she wants to make a complaint about him. You are aware that …

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You are an FY2 Doctor in General Practice. You are seeing Julie, a 36 year old Chinese lady who has attended today with her 10 year old son Michael. She speaks and understands some English and tells you that when she sees other doctors, Michael sometimes helps communicate anything she does not understand. During the …

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You are an FY2 doctor due to start your placement on the orthopaedic team. You have just received the on-call rota and notice you are allocated to do a weekend ward cover shift on the next bank holiday weekend. This is when your best friend is getting married. You are aware that it may be …

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You are an FY2 doctor working in the general surgery department. Shanice is an FY2 colleague who you feel is making inappropriate comments to her patients regarding their weight. During each ward round it is noticeable her comments are making others team members uncomfortable also, particularly when she persists with advice about weight loss for …

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