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You receive a call from a worried 22 year old male patient telling you that he has been diagnosed with Chlamydia by the genitourinary medicine clinic. He has multiple allergies on his record and wanted to confirm which medications he was allergic to. Which one of the following medications is not used in the treatment …

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Mia is 23 years old and attends the GP as she is worried she may have contracted Chlamydia. She admits she has been unfaithful to her long term partner and had unprotected intercourse recently with a casual partner. This recent partner informed her he has tested positive for Chlamydia. Mia has a two day history …

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James is 23 years old and attends concerned about his risk of having contracted HIV. He reports having unprotected intercourse with a new male partner 9 weeks ago. He has already visited the GUM clinic and had a HIV test 5 weeks ago which has come back negative. He tells you they told him it …

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John is 30 years old and is awaiting his HIV result from the GUM clinic after unprotected intercourse with a male partner on holiday. He calls to speak to you at the GP surgery to enquire whether he would need to disclose this result in an insurance application. Which one of the following statements is …

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You receive a clinic letter back from the HIV clinic about Karen who is 33 years old and was diagnosed with HIV 2 years ago. It is apparent she is suffering from a lot of oral complications and her dentist is concerned. Which one of the following oral conditions is least associated with HIV?


You are discussing the cutaneous features of Syphilis with your clinical supervisor after seeing an unusual grey plaque in the umbilicus of a patient with known secondary syphilis. It is not painful, and the patient feels it has been there for 2 weeks. What is this lesion most likely to be?


Matthew is 25 years old and attends the GP with a 7 day history of dysuria and urethral discharge. He admits to having a new female sexual partner and is worried he has a sexually transmitted infection as they have been having unprotected sexual intercourse. He is otherwise well and denies haematuria or any fevers. …

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A 35 year old lady presents with a 5 day history of offensive vaginal discharge. She is happily married and denies any risk of sexually transmitted infection. She has noticed the discharge moreso after intercourse. Vaginal swabs are taken and you explain the most likely diagnosis. Based on the history, what treatment is she most …

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John is 29 years old and is being investigated along with his wife in the infertility clinic. He attends for his routine medication review and informs you that the clinic examined him and said his scrotum felt like ‘a bag of worms’. He cannot recall the name of the condition. What is the most likely …

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You are seeing a 23 year old male for his Asthma review. He mentions he is in a new relationship and you take it as an opportunity to discuss screening for sexually transmitted infections. He says he is unconcerned as he has no symptoms. Around what proportion of men with Chlamydia are asymptomatic?


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