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Question Categories: Respiratory


Lara is 35 years old and has recently returned from her gap year travelling across Africa. She reports night sweats, haemoptysis and a productive cough and a chest x-ray is requested. This shows cavitation and hilar lymphadenopathy. What is the most likely diagnosis?


Mrs Smith is 67 year old ex-smoker who presents with progressive exertional dyspnoea and dry cough over 4 months. On examination she has fine basal lung crepitations and clubbing is also observed. Chest x-ray is unremarkable but subsequent high resolution CT chest (HRCT) reveals honeycombing cysts and subpleural reticular septal thickening. What is the most …

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You review a 47 year old African woman with tiredness, dry cough and dyspnoea. On examination, she has purple papules on her nose and cheeks, along with erythematous, raised nodules on both legs. What is the most likely diagnosis?


Sally is 5 years old and has a 2 day history of coryzal symptoms. Her mother has brought her in to see a GP as she now also has a cough and a hoarse voice. You hear a barking cough. What is the most likely pathogen behind her likely diagnosis?


Mr Humphrey is a 64 year old ex-smoker. He presents with a 2 year history of cough and worsening dyspnoea when walking up a gradient. He is referred for a chest X-ray which demonstrates hyperinflation. Subsequent spirometry demonstrates a post-bronchodilator FEV1/FVC of 0.56. Based on the likely diagnosis, what is the most appropriate initial management …

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Mrs Matthews is a 56 year old lady who has a 5 year history of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She has recently been discharged from hospital following an exacerbation of COPD, with follow-up booked in the respiratory clinic in 3 months time, but no other planned appointments. In her post-discharge review at her GP surgery, …

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Shreya is 7 months old and brought into A&E by her mother with a 2 day history of runny nose, fever and cough. On examination she has fine crackles throughout both lungs on auscultation, and you note mild chest recession. Observations are stable except for a temperature of 38°C. What is the most likely pathogen …

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You work in a GP surgery and receive a telephone call from Mrs Jones who reports her 14 year old son, Toby, has come out in a widespread non-blanching red rash. She emails you an image of the rash and it looks maculopapular in nature. There is no history of headache, neck stiffness or vomiting. …

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Mr Tonsky is a 52 year old man who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 15 years ago. He is taking weekly Methotrexate. He reports increasing shortness of breath over the last 18 months. On examination, he has bilateral fine inspiratory crepitations in the lower lung zones. Based on the above information, what is the most …

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You review a 68 year old former coal miner who has recently moved to the UK. He presents with a 4 month history of shortness of breath. On examination you note he has ulnar deviation and small joint swelling on the hands. On chest auscultation there is diffuse rales in both lung fields. Based on …

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