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You see a 60 year old retired headmistress for a blood pressure check and note the presence of clubbing. She tells you she gets frequent chest infections and often has a productive cough. Other than this she is keeping generally well. She had Asthma as a child but has not required an inhaler for several …

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A 72 year old male presents with a several month history of shortness of breath on exertion. He complains of a persistent dry cough. He recalls he had a flu-like illness 2 months ago. He smoked in his 20s but never since. There is no weight loss, haemoptysis, or chest pain. On examination there are …

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A 60 year old male presents with left eye ptosis and you note a constricted left pupil. He is a smoker with a 20-year pack history and denies any change to his usual ‘smoker’s cough’. He denies any chest pain, shortness of breath, weight loss or haemoptysis. What is the most likely diagnosis?


You receive a phone call from a worried father of a 1 year old boy who was recently admitted with Bronchiolitis. He asks you if there are any known risk factors. Which of the following factors are known risk factors for this condition? Please select one or more answers.


Zak is a three and half year old boy with suspected Asthma. Over the last few months his symptoms of cough and wheeze have been well controlled on a low dose paediatric inhaled corticosteroid (ICS). However, his mother is concerned that over the last month his Salbutamol requirement has gone up to several times a …

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You hear a shout from reception and attend quickly to see breathless lady who has just walked in. You recognise her as Mrs Philips who is a 38 year old solicitor with Asthma. She is speaking clearly to you and saying she has noticed a flare in her Asthma over the last few days. On …

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Amy is 4 years old and is seen with her father who is concerned about the return of her cough over the last 2 weeks. She is suspected to have Asthma and you review her history in more depth. She has a Salbutamol inhaler prescribed and was given an 8 week trial of a paediatric …

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You see 67 year old Mrs Galloway who has had a chesty cough and fevers for the last 2 days. Following examination, you suspect she has a Pneumonia and consider whether she needs hospital admission. Which one of the following factors would not score a point in the CURB-65 scoring?


Sam is a 22 year old university student who attends with a 2 day history of a bad sore throat. He was feverish this morning which prompted him to book an appointment. He has had a runny nose for a few days and a slight dry cough. On examination, his observations are normal, his tonsils …

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Mrs Jackson is 55 years old and has ‘struggled with her chest on and off’ for the last 5 years. On further questioning she says she has frequent bouts of ‘bronchitis’ and gets short of breath on exertion. She has quit her long term habit of smoking 2 months ago but has found her breathing …

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