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Question Categories: Respiratory

Questions related to Respiratory Health are placed here


Patricia is 67 years old and was admitted to hospital with a 2 day history of productive cough and fever. Abbreviated mental test (AMT) score on arrival was 9/10. Temperature 38.3 °C, respiratory rate 32, oxygen saturations 97% on air, pulse 77 beats/minute and blood pressure 105/70 mmHg. On examination there are left sided basal …

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Andrew is 35 years old and was referred to the respiratory clinic with a longstanding productive cough with purulent sputum. He has never smoked, and the results of his HRCT scan are communicated to him. Which of the below radiographic features is in-keeping with Bronchiectasis?


Gemma is a 24 year old female with Asthma. Six months ago she was using her Salbutamol inhaler every other day and waking most nights with a cough. Following this her medication was adjusted and inhaler technique discussed. Since then, Gemma reports a significant improvement in her Asthma control, she is using her Salbutamol once …

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A 40 year old male patient is found to have cirrhosis. He drinks minimal alcohol on social occasions only. He is a smoker and has been having shortness of breath, wheeze and cough periodically for the last few years. What is the most likely diagnosis?


Mark is 32 years old and recently been commenced on Tuberculosis treatment after contracting TB whilst working abroad. He attends the GP for his medication review and cannot recall all the medication commenced by the hospital. He was warned that one of the medications could cause peripheral neuropathy and advised to take another medication to …

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A 60 year old male presents with left eye ptosis and you note a constricted left pupil. He is a smoker with a 20-year pack history and denies any change to his usual ‘smoker’s cough’. He denies any chest pain, shortness of breath, weight loss or haemoptysis. What is the most likely diagnosis?


A 72 year old male presents with a several month history of shortness of breath on exertion. He complains of a persistent dry cough. He recalls he had a flu-like illness 2 months ago. He smoked in his 20s but never since. There is no weight loss, haemoptysis, or chest pain. On examination there are …

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Mrs Philips is a 38 year old solicitor who attends the GP surgery complaining of breathlessness. She is speaking clearly to you and saying she has noticed a flare in her Asthma over the last few days. On examination her heart rate is 105, respiratory rate is 24 and oxygen saturations are 94%. Peak flow …

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A 23 year old male presents with exertional dyspnoea and a dry cough. He has been losing weight unintentionally and is feeling tired. Chest x-ray shows bilateral perihilar interstitial shadowing. What is his most likely diagnosis?


A 55 year old lady presents with weight loss and dry cough. She gets wheezy occasionally. She has no past medical history of note. Chest x-ray reveals bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy. What is the most likely diagnosis?

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