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Question Categories: Psychiatry


You are doing an audit on SSRI prescribing in the Psychiatry department and come across some scenarios where Citalopram prescribing was not ideal. In which one of the following scenarios in patients with Depression would you be least hesitant to prescribe Citalopram?


You are discussing Venlafaxine prescribing with the pharmacist on the Psychiatry ward after your recent audit showed it had been prescribed inappropriately on several occasions over the last year. Which of the following conditions does Venlafaxine not hold a UK license for use?


Your next patient in the dermatology outpatient clinic is a 23 year old female known to have anorexia nervosa. Which one of the following dermatological manifestations is least associated with anorexia nervosa?


A 30 year old lady is a frequent attender to the GP practice and is always considered to have attention seeking behaviour. She has on many occasions made staff feel uncomfortable with overtly flirtatious behaviour and enjoys being the centre of attention. What personality disorder is this most in-keeping with?


You review a 35 year old female in an outpatient Psychiatry clinic who describes that others are very envious of her and that she only seeks to associate with other people similar to herself. During the consultation it is clear she has a grandiose sense of importance and somewhat lacks empathy. What personality disorder is …

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You see a 17 year old girl with her concerned mother who reports a several month history of restricted calorie intake, weight loss and excessive exercise. You have a lengthy discussion and carry out the SCOFF questionnaire. Which one of the following questions is not part of this screening tool?


Daniel is 45 years old and known to have Schizophrenia. He attends the GP for a medication review and mentions that he is always seeing his old employer in people he comes across on a daily basis. He feels the old employer is after his money. What is the most likely diagnosis?


Judith is 37 years old and attends the GP surgery on multiple occasions to disclose her belief that her partner is being unfaithful. She has been seen with her partner on several occasions who insists she has inadequate grounds for accusing him and has always been extremely jealous. He describes her as being obsessed about …

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John is 44 years old and has longstanding schizophrenia. He describes that his brother has been replaced by an imposter. What is the most likely diagnosis?


Joseph is 57 years old and under the Psychiatry team for management of severe Depression. His partner calls the GP surgery to inform you that Joseph is often saying he does not exist and believes his arms are not there. What is the most likely diagnosis?

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