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Adam is a 32 year old builder who presents to the GP with a 4 month history of nightmares about a violent burglary in his home earlier in the year. His family are all safe and his wife has insisted he presents given he continues to be angry about what happened and refuses to mention …

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Kara is 22 years old and has been diagnosed 6 months ago with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). She commenced Sertraline 3 months ago and has seen little improvement in her symptoms, despite also having CBT. She is seen today alongside her mother who is concerned that she is still constantly worrying and sleeping poorly. Kara …

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Your next patient is 44 year old Jonathan who is known to have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). He has seen several of your GP colleagues over the last 6 months and has had a poor response to CBT. He presents today frustrated and upset about his ongoing preoccupation with cleanliness. He has had to resign …

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A 38 year old male with Depression has recently been started on Venlafaxine by his Psychiatry team. He denies any suicidal thoughts. They have asked for his blood pressure to be monitored regularly in primary care. What are the common side effects he should be aware of? Please select the option which lists the correct …

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Sally is a 35 year old lady and has suffered with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) for many years now. You see her for a contraception review. During her appointment she breaks down crying saying she is due to see Psychiatry again as her anxiety is no better. She has now tried two different medications, but …

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Mrs Carpenter is 87 years old and is brought in to see you by her husband who is her carer. She is known to have advanced Alzheimer’s dementia. The Psychiatry team commenced a trial of Melatonin for her insomnia. They want to learn more about the medication as they felt their appointment in secondary care …

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Julia is 22 years old and delivered a healthy baby boy 4 days ago by normal vaginal delivery. Her husband has insisted she sees you today as he is concerned about her mood. She is teary and low in mood, however he is more concerned about her beliefs about their baby. She has mentioned on …

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You see Jordan who is a 40 year old male with longstanding Depression. He has had little benefit with SSRI’s and you decide to switch him to Mirtazapine. He is keen to try a new medication and you explain the potential side effects of Mirtazapine. Which one of the following is not a recognised side …

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Adam is 48 years old and is under the Psychiatry team with longstanding Depression. He was commenced on Moclobemide 3 months ago and his mood has improved on it. However, he presents to the GP this afternoon with an intense headache. He admits attending a party earlier where he had various different foods outside his …

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Mary is 35 years old and under the Psychiatry team for management of her Schizophrenia. She has recently been started on Clozapine and attends the GP surgery today for a medication review. You reiterate the side effects and blood monitoring needed for this medication and she is keen to comply with this. Which one of …

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