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Question Categories: Palliative Care


Mrs Jones is 85 years old and has metastatic colorectal cancer. You see her on a home visit and her family explain she is having a lot of side effects from Morphine which is currently being given via a syringe driver. Her daily Morphine requirement is currently 150mg in total and seems to manage her …

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Mr Casper is a 70 year old male with advanced lymphoma. The district nurse asks you to review his analgesia as he is using Oramorph 5mg 8 times daily. In addition to this he takes Morphine Sulphate 40mg modified-release tablets twice daily. What dose of Morphine Sulphate modified-release tablets should you consider increasing him to?


You review an 80 year old man on a home visit who is terminally ill with advanced heart failure. He has deteriorated considerably over the last two days and his family agree that drug treatment for respiratory secretions may help his distress. Which one of the following statements about managing respiratory secretions at the end …

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You are asked to review a 54 year old man with end-stage pancreatic cancer. He has been taking 60mg oral modified-release Morphine Sulphate twice daily for the last 2 weeks, which was effective for pain relief. In the last 24 hours, he has become drowsy and nil by mouth. What is the most appropriate treatment?


John is 58 years old and known to have lung cancer. He presents with headaches and recurrent early morning vomiting. A subsequent CT head demonstrates multiple brain metastases. What is the most appropriate initial treatment option for his vomiting symptoms?


Mr Smith is 75 years old and has metastatic prostate cancer. You are reviewing his analgesia requirement as he is requesting Oramorph from the GP surgery earlier than normal. He is on Morphine Sulphate 30mg modified-release tablets twice daily. He is now requiring 5mg of Oramorph 8 times a day. What dose of Morphine Sulphate …

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Mrs Lenton is 88 years old with end-stage lung cancer and is suspected to have opioid toxicity following a recent up-titration in her analgesic medications. Which one of the following symptoms is least associated with opioid toxicity?


Mr Gibbons is a 64 year old gentleman who has unfortunately been diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. He has been deteriorating in the past few days as he is very weak, has limited intake of food and drink and is mostly bedbound. A decision is made to commence a syringe driver with medication to help …

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Julie is a 67 year old lady who has end stage COPD and is suffering with breathlessness. There is no history of fever, chest pain or productive cough. Which one of the following options is least likely to be used in the management of dyspnoea in palliative care?


Mr Stokes is a frail housebound patient with metastatic prostate cancer. He was seen on a GP home visit earlier in the day and his health had evidently declined. He was having 100mg daily morphine via a syringe driver. However, he was struggling with the side effects of this and after discussion with the patient’s …

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