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Mr Stokes is a frail housebound patient with metastatic prostate cancer. He was seen on home visit earlier in the day and his health had evidently declined. He appeared in a lot of pain despite having 100mg daily morphine via a syringe driver. However he was struggling with the side effects of this and after …

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Mrs Raymonds is an 83 year old lady seen on a home visit who is bedbound and known to have metastatic colorectal cancer. She has deteriorated considerably over the last 2 weeks and you speak to her family also who agree that a syringe driver should be commenced. Which of the following medications are suitable …

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Mr Smith is a 75 year old man with metastatic prostate cancer. You are reviewing his analgesia requirement as he is requesting Oramorph earlier than normal. He is on Morphine Sulphate 30mg modified-release tablets twice daily. He is now requiring 5mg of Oramorph 8 times a day. What dose of Morphine Sulphate modified-release tablets should …

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Mrs Thomas is an 85 year old lady who has metastatic colorectal cancer and is struggling with pain. She has been on Morphine Sulphate modified-release tablets for several months and takes 20mg twice daily. On top of this she requires 5mg of Oramorph on average 8 times a day. What dose of Morphine Sulphate modified-release …

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Julie is a 67 year old lady who has end stage COPD and is suffering with breathlessness. There is no history of fever, chest pain or productive cough. Which one of the following medications is least likely to be used in the management of dyspnoea in palliative care?


Mr Gibbons is a 64 year old gentleman who has unfortunately been diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. He has been deteriorating in the past few days as he is very weak, has limited intake of food and drink and is mostly bedbound. A decision is made to commence a syringe driver with medication to help …

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Mrs Ray is an 82 year old lady who has a terminal diagnosis of metastatic renal cancer and is being cared for at home by the district nurses. Pain is her predominant symptom which was controlled by taking Morphine Sulphate modified-release tablets with her dose stable at 40mg twice daily. No breakthrough doses of Morphine …

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Mrs Alfred is 88 years old and has been suffering with metastatic lung cancer for the past few months. Her son and daughter in law have moved in to look after her and unfortunately her condition has been deteriorating over the past few days. Her other medical problems include Hypothyroidism, Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3 …

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You are in a palliative care practice meeting and discuss that persistent hiccups can have a big impact on quality of life in palliative patients. Which one of the following medications is not used to manage this symptom?


Booklet Question 169 A 63 year old lady with metastatic lung cancer is struggling with nausea. Which one of the following drugs would not commonly be used for various possible causes?


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