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Question Categories: Paediatrics


Mark is a 4 week old boy bought to the GP by his parents who are concerned about the possibility of Down’s syndrome? Which one of the following features would be least in-keeping with this condition?


Jennifer is concerned about her daughter’s mobility and not sure when she would be expected to walk downstairs on alternate feet. She turns 3 years old next month and Jennifer is concerned she has a gross motor developmental delay. At what age would you expect a child to be able to walk downstairs with alternate …

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Rebecca brings her 3 week old baby girl, Josie, into the Emergency department as her GP is concerned she has been having pale stools. Josie is fully breastfed, and jaundice was noted soon after birth. She remains jaundiced and there is a concern this is biliary atresia. Which of the following clinical features would be …

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Harlow is a 4 month old girl who presents once more to the GP surgery following a 2 week course of Nystatin for oral candida. Her mother said she was told to continue the Nystatin for one week after her tongue looked somewhat improved, however it still looks white. Prior to this they had tried …

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Mrs Medoway brings her 5 year old daughter to A&E following a suspected febrile seizure, which is her second seizure now in the past 3 months. You discuss the risk factors thought to be implicated for recurrent febrile seizures. Which one of the following factors is not known to be associated with recurrent febrile seizures?


Marie is a 16 year old girl who presents with a 3 month history of bilateral knee pain behind the patella area. Pain is worse upon walking down the stairs. Examination of the knees is unremarkable, and gait is normal. There is no history of trauma. She is a keen hockey player playing three times …

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Jasmine is 17 years old and is a keen gymnast who trains twice weekly. She has a 6 month history of right knee pain which is worse after activity and the knee can sometimes be swollen and on several occasions she has noticed it can ‘lock’. There is no history of trauma. What is the …

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Aaron is a 21 year old university student who presents with a 6 month history of low back pain. He denies any other joint pains. His back is very stiff in the mornings and the pain improves with exercise. Past medical history includes Psoriasis. What is the most likely diagnosis?


Arlo is a 5 year old boy who is seen with his mother in Paediatric Assessment Unit with a 5 day history of fever. Which one of the following factors in his history would not be consistent with a diagnosis of Kawasaki disease?


Mary is 20 weeks pregnant and is enquiring as to which tests will be performed on the newborn heel prick test? Which one of the following conditions will not be tested for on the newborn heel prick test?

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