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Question Categories: Opthalmology


Mr Trench is a 38 year old male who has made an emergency appointment as he is concerned about his eyes. He is obviously in a great deal of discomfort. Mr Trench explains that he has felt non-specifically unwell for a few days. This morning he woke up with redness, photophobia and painful vision in …

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Whilst doing a well-baby clinic you see Charlie, who is eight-weeks old. He is brought to you by his mother, Sarah. She informs you that her pregnancy went well and she had a water-birth at home. Since birth, Charlie has been well, he is exclusively breast-fed and is gaining weight along the 50th centile. On …

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Mr Johnson is a 76 year old retired carpenter who presents to the GP surgery due to concerns about his eyesight. Over the last few months, he has found it difficult to see the outlines of his plants at the end of his garden (moreso when it is very sunny). He has also had an …

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Mrs Princkter is a 70 year old female who unfortunately developed Cataracts secondary to surgery for Retinal Detachment. She is known to have Hypertension, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Gout and right shoulder Osteoarthritis. Mrs Princkter lives alone and is independent of activities of daily living but has three sons who live nearby and visit daily. She …

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Joan is a 60 year old female who has presented today with blurred vision. Joan informs you that over the last few weeks she has noticed that she finds it difficult to focus on images as the central areas become ‘foggy’ and in addition, lines appear curved. She denies any pain or redness and is …

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Molly has just turned two years old. Her mum, Claire has brought her to see you as she is concerned about her right eye turning inwards. She first noticed it a few months ago but hasn’t had time to make an appointment for review. Molly was born at 32 weeks by emergency C-section for Pre-eclampsia, …

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Mrs Jones is a 29 year old who has booked an emergency appointment today as she is worried about her left eye. Yesterday, whilst changing her daughter’s nappy she thinks she might have scratched her eye. Since then her eye has been sore and teary and today she has noticed it is red. Her other …

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Mr Weiz is a 48 year old gentleman who has requested an appointment to discuss the vision in his left eye. Since waking this morning, he has noticed mobile dots and flashing lights. Moreover, on arriving at the surgery, the vision in the same eye has become blurry. Mr Weiz is short sighted and he …

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