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You see a 74 year old lady with severe Dementia with her husband for her medication review. Past medical history includes Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Diabetes and COPD. She is an ex-smoker and you note she has had a previous cataract operation. Her husband is concerned that she has frequent falls and asks you to examine her …

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You review a 70 year old male presenting with a sudden loss of vision in his right eye which he noticed this morning. Past medical history includes COPD, Hypertension and well controlled Diabetes. He has a mild afferent pupillary defect, and fundoscopic examination shows widespread flame and dot-blot haemorrhages and disc oedema. What is the …

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You see a 60 year old lady for her medication review. Past medical history incudes Diabetes, Hypertension and Osteoarthritis. She admits she has not attended her last diabetic eye screen as she forgot the appointment and did not reschedule it given that she has no concerns regarding her vision. You offer to carry out fundoscopy …

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Martha is 70 years old and attends for her annual medication review. You note the below appearance of her left eye and enquire whether she has any visual problems. What symptoms are associated with her likely condition? You may select one or more options.


You see a 72 year old male presenting with sudden visual loss and carry out fundoscopy. Past medical history includes Diabetes and you are aware he is non-compliant with Amlodipine, with poorly controlled Hypertension. On examination, there is an afferent pupil defect. You note the retina appears pale on fundoscopy. What is the most likely …

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You are speaking to your clinical supervisor about eye conditions that you have seen this week in your surgery. Which one of the following conditions is most associated with the presence of drusen?


Mrs Edwards is a 70 year old Caucasian lady with difficulty reading. She is complaining that recently straight lines or linear objects in her vision appear curved. What is the medical terminology for this phenomenon and what associated symptom may she have?


You see Mario who is a 30 year old plasterer who is concerned about the appearance of his left eye. He has just moved to England from Mexico and has no other past medical history of note. His vision is normal, and he is asymptomatic otherwise. On examination you observe a pinkish triangular tissue growth …

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Judith is a 79 year old woman who has a 1 day history of a severe headache and a painful ache around her left eye. She has a history of Depression and has been stable on Sertraline for the last 6 months. The vision in her left eye is blurry and her eye looks red. …

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Manoj is a 27 year old male with a red left eye and discharge for the last 2 days. He says his eyelashes on the left eye are stuck together in the morning. His vision is unaffected and there is no painful vision. He is a contact lens wearer and says he is careful with …

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