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Question Categories: Ophthalmology


Mrs Thomas makes a telephone consultation to her GP to discuss her 18 month old daughter as she is concerned she cannot form a large enough tower block with toy bricks. At what age would you expect a child to be able to make a 6 tower block?


Sandra is a 64 year old lady who attends the GP for her medication review. Her blood pressure is controlled on Amlodipine. Before leaving she asks you to have a look in her eyes as her mother had age-related macular degeneration and she would like some reassurance. She has no visual symptoms. What does fundoscopy …

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Jade is a 46 year old baker who presents with a one day history of a red painful left eye and photophobia. She has had conjunctivitis twice in the last year which responded to Chloramphenicol. Past medical history includes Rheumatoid arthritis which is well controlled on Methotrexate. On examination there is left conjunctival injection, normal …

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You suspect Horner’s syndrome in a 42 year old male patient with new ptosis and proceed to take a full history. Which one of the following conditions would not cause this?


Mr Monrow is a 69 year old male with longstanding type 2 Diabetes. He has poorly controlled Diabetes and frequently misses appointments for retinal screening. What do the arrows point to in the below fundoscopy image?


Margaret is a 53 year old receptionist who presents to eye casualty with a painless red right eye. She wears glasses and has not noticed any changes to her vision. She denies any photophobia or discharge from the eye. Past medical history includes Coeliac disease. On examination, there is a focal area of erythema over …

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Sally is 49 years old and presents with a one day history of flashes and floaters in her vision and describes a curtain descending over the vision in her left eye. Visual acuity is intact. What is the most likely diagnosis?


You see 8 week old Ben with his mother Claire for his 8 week baby check at the GP surgery. Claire had an uncomplicated pregnancy and Ben was born at term by normal vaginal delivery. Ben is doing well and is bottle-fed gaining weight along the 50th centile. On examination, despite the rest of his …

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William is 50 years old and has unilateral ptosis. You proceed to take a thorough history and examination. Which of the following conditions is not known to cause ptosis?


A 59 year old male presents with various eye symptoms. Which one of the following conditions and clinical features are correctly matched?

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