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Emma is 33 years old and presents to discuss her recent diagnosis of Multiple sclerosis (MS). Upon reviewing her history, you note she first presented with visual symptoms. Which of the following visual features are associated with Multiple sclerosis? You can select one or more answers.


Mr Johnson is a 70 year old who has come to see you following his recent diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease. The hospital appointment was overwhelming and he wants to clarify some things he has since read on the internet. Which one of the following statements about Parkinson’s disease is least correct?


Sally is a 33 year old solicitor and has been struggling with migraines for the last 6 months. A work colleague has recommended she ask her GP to prescribe Sumatriptan. Which one of the following conditions would not be a contraindication to having Sumatriptan prescribed?


You see a 55 year old male with a 4 day history of ‘electric-shock’ like shooting pains in his right cheek. It seems to be provoked by eating and talking, but not on every occasion. He denies any limb weakness, facial drooping, or slurred speech. He has no dental problems. The pain is severe enough …

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A 75 year old lady with Alzheimer’s disease is brought in by her concerned daughter to see you. She says her mother is complaining of a headache and feeling sickly since yesterday evening. She has vomited twice and it is difficult to get any other history other than her nodding that her right eye hurts. …

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A 30 year old accountant presents following a seizure to the GP practice. She has no history of seizures and past medical history includes Migraine and Asthma. She says she has had several headaches recently which she has ignored thinking they were migraines. She vomited earlier today and felt dizzy. What is the most likely …

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A 50 year old male engineer complains of frequent headaches around the right temple area over the last 2 weeks. The pain is excruciating and sharp and often starts suddenly, typically lasting one hour. He often will feel nauseous at the same time but has never vomited. He is known to have Asthma and hayfever …

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You see a 30 year old lady with a 4 month history of headaches. You proceed to take a thorough history and examination. In which one of the following chronic headache types is a course of acupuncture an option for preventative treatment?


Samantha is a 40 year old lady with a several month history of unilateral throbbing headaches with associated nausea. They are exacerbated by stress and there are no red flags in the history. Neurological examination is normal and you suspect she is suffering with migraines. You discuss starting a triptan as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen have …

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Mia is 25 years old and attends for her medication review. She takes Sumatriptan for Migraine and finds this quite effective. Which one of the following statements about triptans is least correct?


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