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Joanne is 33 years old and is seen in a neurology clinic to discuss a new diagnosis of Multiple sclerosis (MS). Which of the following medications is least likely to be used in the management of MS?


Michael is a 62 year old male who has noticed he has been dropping objects over the last few months and had difficulty turning keys and opening bottles. He is unsure whether he has imagined the occasional muscular twitch. You are both concerned about the possibility of Motor Neurone Disease and you go on to …

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John is 42 years old and presents to A&E with a bad headache. He is known to have a berry aneurysm and is concerned he has a subarachnoid haemorrhage. Roughly what proportion of cases of subarachnoid haemorrhages are accounted for by berry aneurysms?


You work in A&E and review the CT head report for a 67 year old lady who presented following a head injury. The report confirms an acute subdural haemorrhage. Which of the following statements best describes the pathophysiology behind a subdural haematoma?


You are carrying out a medication review for a 15 year old boy with Friedreich’s ataxia at the GP surgery. His parents are present and are keen to discuss potential complications. Which of the following cardiac conditions is most associated with this condition?


You are learning how to correctly input clinical scores on patient electronic records at your GP surgery. Which one of the following clinical scores is no longer recommended for use in clinical practice?


You see a 55 year old male with a 4 day history of ‘electric-shock’ like shooting pains in his right cheek. It seems to be provoked by eating and talking, but not on every occasion. He denies any limb weakness, facial drooping, or slurred speech. He has no dental problems. The pain is severe enough …

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Mr Steward has been diagnosed as having Restless legs syndrome in a recent hospital outpatient appointment. You discuss the management options that were given to him by the clinic at his next medication review. Which one of the following management options is least recommended in this condition?


Jane is a 53 year old lady who presents to the GP with a 1 day history of a left sided headache. There are no neurological symptoms but she feels her colour vision seems a little different. Her only other complaint is that her jaw seems little achey today when chewing. She denies any dental …

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You see a 34 year old lady with a history of Migraines which are becoming more frequent. She is struggling as it is impacting her work as she has to take time off every time she develops a Migraine. She admits to finding work stressful. You advise her to keep a headache diary for 8 …

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