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Question Categories: Neurology

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Mrs Daniels is 75 years old and is known to have Ischaemic heart disease and severe knee osteoarthritis. Drug history includes Co-codamol, Aspirin and Atorvastatin. Her daughter asks for a GP home visit as she is concerned her mother has become progressively confused and drowsy over the last 2 weeks. She is not aware of …

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A 30 year old accountant presents following a seizure to the GP practice. She has no history of seizures and past medical history includes Migraine and Asthma. She says she has had several severe diffuse headaches recently which she has ignored thinking they were a variant of her usual migraines. She vomited earlier today and …

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A 50 year old male engineer complains of frequent headaches around the right temple area over the last 2 weeks. The pain is excruciating and sharp and often starts suddenly, typically lasting one hour. He often will feel nauseous at the same time but has never vomited. He is known to have Asthma and hay …

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Mr Daniels is 77 years old and has just been diagnosed with Dementia with Lewy Bodies after being referred to the memory clinic. His son speaks to you and is angry that the diagnosis was not made sooner by his GP. Which of the following factors in his history would be least in-keeping with this …

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You observe a right sided foot drop in a 50 year old lady who has recently joined the GP surgery. Which one of the following is least likely to have caused this?


Mr Johnson is 55 years old and presents to the GP to discuss a brief episode of left arm weakness that occurred 8 days ago. He was sat having dinner and dropped his fork and was unable to lift it again for around ten minutes. He had no other symptoms and is now back to …

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Mr Jones is a 52 year old man with a 6 month history of muscle weakness mainly in the proximal lower limb muscles. His thigh muscles ache and his family have described his gait as ‘waddling’. His voice is unaffected and there are no problems with swallowing. Examination findings concur with reduced power in the …

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A 37 year old lady presents with a one day history of double vision. Upon examination you observe her right eye is medially deviated and she cannot look laterally with it. The remainder of cranial nerve, upper and lower limb neurological examination and fundoscopy is otherwise normal. She mentions some paraesthesia in her legs over …

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Marcus is a 45 year old chef with a 4 day history of weakness and paraesthesia described in his upper and lower limbs. He felt short of breath when out running this morning but is comfortable at rest. Past medical history includes Hypertension which is well controlled on Ramipril. He has recently had Campylobacter gastroenteritis …

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You are carrying out a medication review for a 15 year old boy with Friedreich’s ataxia at the GP surgery. His parents are present and are keen to discuss potential complications. Which of the following cardiac conditions is most associated with this condition?

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