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Mary is 33 years old and trips over a wire at work landing awkwardly onto her right outstretched arm. An urgent x-ray in A&E reveals a spiral fracture to the middle of the humeral shaft. On examination she is unable to dorsiflex her right wrist. Which nerve is most likely to have been injured?


A 57 year old postman presents with a 2 month history of right sided heel pain. There is no history of trauma. Which of the following features would be most in-keeping with plantar fasciitis?


A 35 year old keen runner presents with posterior right heel pain. He cannot recall any obvious injury. Walking barefoot does not exacerbate the pain. On examination there is a tender swelling under the calcaneum. Pain is not made worse by toe dorsiflexion. What is the most likely diagnosis?


Jane is 28 years old and 30 weeks pregnant with her first child. She attends the GP surgery with a burning sensation down the upper lateral aspect of her left thigh. She denies any rash and is otherwise well in herself. Neurological examination of her lower limbs reveal no motor weakness but confirms altered sensation …

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Maureen is 65 years old and has recently been diagnosed with hand and knee Osteoarthritis. She has come to the GP surgery to enquire about various treatments her son has researched online. Which one of the following treatments is recommended by NICE in management of Osteoarthritis?


You review a 50 year old male with a 2 week history of right sided shoulder pain. As you are examining his shoulder, you discuss what each special test is looking for. What does Neer’s test look for?


A 22 year old male presents with a 2 week history of left wrist pain. He is a delivery driver so thinks he may have injured it lifting heavy items but cannot recall any obvious injury. On examination there is some limitation of flexion and extension at the left wrist and passive dorsiflexion of the …

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Toby is 32 years old and has had swelling of his hands and ankles intermittently for the last 3 months with obvious morning stiffness in these joints. You suspect he may have Rheumatoid Arthritis. You review a recent ankle x-ray he had for a suspected fracture. What X-ray finding would be least associated with Rheumatoid …

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Terry is 52 years old and has a 3 month history of intermittent tingling and pain in his right thumb and index finger which is worse at night. Based on his history you suspect he may have Carpal tunnel syndrome and review factors in his past medical history. Which one of the following factors is …

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You receive a negative Rheumatoid factor blood test back for a patient with suspected Rheumatoid arthritis. She is 30 years old and presented to the GP with a 3 month history of ankle and finger swelling. Whilst awaiting her Rheumatology appointment you request anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti-CCP) antibodies. Around what proportion of patients with Rheumatoid …

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