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Question Categories: Musculoskeletal


Sam is a 19 year old keen footballer and presented recently to the GP with a 1 month history of painful swelling in his right upper leg. Localised swelling with surrounding erythema and fever was also documented. An urgent X-ray was done which has revealed bony destruction and subperiosteal growth with an ‘onion peel’ appearance. …

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You are reviewing some blood results for a GP colleague who is on leave and notice that some autoantibody results are abnormal. A brief glance of the notes reveals that the patient is a 50 year old lady with a several month history of fatigue and arthralgia. Anti-histone antibodies are present in the absence of …

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Jake is a 40 year old accountant who presents with a 2 week history of intermittent left hip pain. There is no history of trauma and the pain is made worse by physical activity. You suspect he may have greater trochanteric pain syndrome. Which one of the following features would be least supportive of this?


Mrs Smith is 35 years old and presents to the GP with a one month history of intermittent bilateral ankle swelling and foot pain. The pain settles with Ibuprofen and is worse after prolonged rest. There is no shortness of breath, orthopnoea, or cough. Past medical history includes Hypertension which is well controlled on Ramipril. …

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Sara is 55 years old and presents to the GP with generalised muscle pains and tenderness for the last 2 days. She is otherwise well. Past medical history includes Psoriasis, Hypercholesterolaemia and Hypertension. Her medications include Simvastatin 40mg and Amlodipine 10mg, both started 2 years ago. What is the most appropriate next step in management?


A 27 year old male has injured his right elbow several weeks ago and is concerned about ongoing symptoms. He has numbness and tingling in his right 4th and 5th fingers and ulnar border of the right palm. Which one of the following signs would be most consistent with his likely diagnosis?


Mary is 33 years old and trips over a wire at work landing awkwardly onto her right outstretched arm. An urgent x-ray in A&E reveals a spiral fracture to the middle of the humeral shaft. On examination she is unable to dorsiflex her right wrist. Which one of the following signs would be most consistent …

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A 57 year old postman presents with a 2 month history of right sided heel pain. There is no history of trauma. Pain is worst upon the first steps after waking. There is no sign of foot swelling. What is the most likely diagnosis?


Matthew is a 33 year old new recruit to the army and has recently completed his initial physical training. He presents with a 3 week history of dull right heel pain which is worse upon marching. He denies any obvious trauma and says the pain usually lessens with rest. On examination pain is induced upon …

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Samuel is a 33 year old carpenter who makes a GP telephone consultation to discuss a sharp pain in his right forefoot. He denies any trauma. Past medical history includes left tennis elbow and Asthma. The pain is made worse by walking and relieved by massaging the toes. You ask him to attend the practice …

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