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A 65 year old lady attends her annual medication review. Past medical history includes Coeliac disease and Rheumatoid arthritis. Upon taking her blood pressure you observe her right middle finger is flexed at the proximal interphalangeal joint and a slight degree of hyperextension at the distal interphalangeal joint. What is the likely diagnosis?


A 22 year old male presents with a 2 week history of left wrist pain. He is a delivery driver so thinks he may have injured it lifting heavy items but cannot recall any obvious injury. On examination there is some limitation of flexion and extension at the left wrist and passive dorsiflexion of the …

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You have seen various musculoskeletal presentations in your morning surgery. In which of the following suspected conditions would Finkelstein’s test aid diagnosis?


A 30 year old lady is involved in a road traffic accident. She attends the GP surgery later that afternoon and denies any major injuries but says her right hand is a little painful. On examination she has tenderness over the right anatomical snuffbox. What is the likely diagnosis?


A 25 year old lady presents with a painful left middle finger. She plays netball several times a week and injured it last night when catching the ball. She is unable to move the end of this finger. On examination the left middle finger is held flexed at the distal interphalangeal joint. What is the …

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You are seeing 12 year old Arlo in your morning surgery and observed distal wasting in his legs giving rise to a classic ‘inverted champagne bottle’ deformity. The computer system goes down during the consultation so you cannot access his medical record. Which one of the following conditions is he most likely to have?


You see Marcus who is 22 years old and has just been diagnosed with Marfan’s syndrome after suffering a pneumothorax one month ago. He wants to discuss his diagnosis in more depth with you today. Which one of the following statements about Marfan’s syndrome is least correct?


Mrs Mark has come in to discuss her concern about delayed motor milestones in her 2 year old son Michael. You discuss his gait and her concerns in more depth. In which of the following conditions is Gower’s sign seen?


Janice is 60 years old and has just been diagnosed with knee Osteoarthritis. She has come in to ask you about various medication that her neighbour has recommended for her to take. Which of the following treatments are not recommended by NICE in management of Osteoarthritis? Please select one or more answers.


You review a 50 year old male with a 2 week history of right sided shoulder pain. As you are examining his shoulder, you discuss what each special test is looking for. What does Neer’s test look for?


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