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You are speaking to the practice manager at your GP surgery about some roles you came across in your induction paperwork but were unfamiliar with. What is the role of a Caldicott Guardian?


Mr Davies is 89 years old and has been admitted to hospital with Pneumonia. He lives alone and has no close family or friends. Your consultant says that your team needs to involve another individual in his care in order to help make a decision about his long-term place of residence. Mr Davies is currently …

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You are discussing some medical ethical dilemmas with the consultant on the elderly care ward and refer to the Four Principles of biomedical ethics as derived from Beauchamp and Childress. Which one of the below options correctly lists these 4 principles?


You work on a Stroke ward and are the first to attend the crash call for an elderly frail lady, who has become unresponsive on the ward. You cannot feel a pulse or see any signs of breathing. You are aware that the medical team had a long discussion and signed a Do Not Attempt …

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It is Friday morning and you are working on a surgical ward. A 65 year old woman was admitted with bowel obstruction, and a recent CT scan has confirmed that this is due to a large bowel tumour. The results have not yet been given to the patient; however, her husband comes to tell you …

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Marcus is 35 years old and known to have Bipolar disorder. He has recently been admitted to the inpatient Psychiatry unit for emergency assessment. How long can an individual be emergency detained for assessment under Section 4 of Mental Health Act 1983 (amended in 2007)?


Mrs Jenkins is a 38 year old lady who is concerned about developing breast cancer after a close friend was recently diagnosed. She wants to discuss having a mammogram. She has no worrying symptoms and no relevant family history. At what age does nationwide breast screening begin (excluding any trials of extending the breast screening …

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You are discussing the Wilson and Jungner criteria for a screening test with a colleague. Which one of the following is not included in their criteria?


You work in a GP surgery and are speaking to the local pharmacist about a query about controlled drug prescribing. How long is a prescription for a controlled drug in schedule 2 valid for after the date stated on it?


You asked to complete a statement for fitness to work for a patient. Which one of the following is not an optional tick box on a fit note if you are selecting that a patient ‘may be fit for work’?

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