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You are doing an audit for your GP practice looking at the treatment of shingles in patients presenting with the condition over the last year. According to the NICE guidelines which one of the following patients with shingles should be offered antiviral treatment?


Amy is 2 years old and is seen with her mother who is concerned about a pink macular rash which has developed on her trunk today. Amy has been complaining of a sore throat and also had a fever for the last 3 days. Her temperature 2 days ago was 39.3°C but has been normal …

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You see a 7 year old girl with a 2 day history of cough and malaise. You observe small red spots with a blue-white speck opposite the second molar teeth on examination. There is no rash evident. In which one of the following conditions is the presence of these spots pathognomic?


Jenny is 21 years old and 8 weeks pregnant with her first child. She is exposed to a child with confirmed Rubella and the risks to her baby are explained. Which of the following is not a potential complication as a result of this?


Harry is 4 years old and is brought in by his worried father. He has a 2 day history of cough and prior to this had a runny nose and suspected conjunctivitis in the previous week. His father thought it was just another common cold given that he has started school recently. However, the cough …

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You see a 22 year old lady with a 1 day history of an erythematous maculopapular rash on her trunk and limbs. It started originally behind her ears. She has also had a runny nose, cough and intermittent fevers for a few days. Based on the most likely diagnosis, what is the recommended period of …

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Mr Turner is a 40 year old management consultant who has just returned from a business trip to India. He has a two day history of bloody diarrhoea, 6-8 loose stools a day, with crampy abdominal pain. His observations were all within normal limits and his abdominal examination was unremarkable. He is on no regular …

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Sally speaks to the GP about her 5 year old child who has come into contact with a girl diagnosed with Erythema infectiosum yesterday. She tells you that her own child is well but wants to know whether her daughter is also likely to get the infection. What is the infectious period for this condition?


Manoj is 67 years old and is admitted to hospital following a road traffic accident. Upon further questioning he admits he has had a productive cough for many months now and describes night sweats and weight loss. He has recently travelled to India and investigations are needed to rule out Tuberculosis. Which one of the …

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Mrs Clarke attends A&E after being bitten on her arm by her husband during a heated argument this morning. Examination reveals an occlusal injury on her left distal forearm with four distinct puncture marks and surrounding erythema. Though there is no active bleeding, it is obvious that the skin has been broken. She has no …

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