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Question Categories: Infectious Disease

Questions related to Infectious Disease and Travel Health are placed here


James is a 6 year old boy in whom you have just diagnosed Molluscum contagiosum on his abdomen. What is the recommended time he should be excluded from school?


Sally has a telephone consultation with yourself following her 5 year old son being seen in Accident and Emergency over the weekend. She tells you they started Clarithromycin for him because he was coughing lots over the last 2 weeks, and vomiting following his coughing outburst. She is unsure what the name of the condition …

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You review a 62 year old male with a suspected shingles rash and discuss antiviral treatment. Which one of the following statements about shingles treatment is least correct?


Harry is 4 years old and is brought in by his worried father. He has a 2 day history of cough and prior to this had a runny nose and suspected conjunctivitis in the previous week. His father thought it was just another common cold given that he has started school recently. However, the cough …

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Mrs Salloway is 30 years old and 10 weeks pregnant. She explains she wishes to travel abroad to Africa next week to visit her elderly grandmother who is dying. You discuss which antimalarials may be appropriate. Which one of the following antimalarials is generally the most suitable in pregnancy?


You are the duty doctor and receive the stool culture results back for a 30 year old male who had diarrhoea 3 days ago. The sample is positive for Campylobacter and you call him to see how he is doing. His symptoms have now nearly resolved, and he has only opened his bowels once so …

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You are the duty doctor and receive a letter from the out of hours team about a 6 year old girl that has been diagnosed with Scarlet fever. You saw her at the surgery 2 days ago with a widespread rash and did not suspect it to be Scarlet fever at this stage. You discuss …

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You see a 22 year old lady with a 1 day history of an erythematous maculopapular rash on her trunk and limbs. It started originally behind her ears. She has also had a runny nose, cough and intermittent fevers for a few days. Based on the most likely diagnosis, what is the recommended period of …

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Maya is a 5 year old girl who is brought in by her mother. Her mother is worried about a widespread rash. The rash started 2 days ago on her trunk and is now on her arms also. Earlier in the week Maya also complained of a bad sore throat and runny nose. Her mum …

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Sarah is 5 years old and has lesions characteristic of molluscum contagiousum on her trunk. They are not bothersome or itchy. There are no lesions elsewhere and her mother has only noticed the current lesions over the last week. Sarah has no past medical history and is otherwise well. You explain management to her mother. …

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