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Question Categories: Immunology


Marcus is 42 years old with a 6 month history of proximal myopathy. You suspect he may have polymyositis and arrange some initial blood tests. Which one of the following auto-antibodies is he most likely to have?


A 40 year old lady presents with a 3 month history of irritability, fatigue and heat intolerance. On examination she has notable exophthalmos and ophthalmoplegia. Which of the following blood results would be least in-keeping with a diagnosis of Graves’ disease?


A 32 year old lady presents with a 4 month history of tiredness, upper abdominal discomfort and arthralgia. On examination, she has hepatomegaly and jaundice. You request a liver screen blood test, which reveals that her ALT is 270 U/L (normal less than 35 U/L), AST is 256 U/L (normal less than 35 U/L), Alkaline …

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A 25 year old electrician presents with a recurrent runny and blocked nose, sneezing symptoms and postnasal rhinorrhoea. He is currently taking Cetirizine daily, but he reports ongoing symptoms, which are affecting his ability to study. What is the most appropriate treatment option?


You suspect primary Sjogrens syndrome in a 40 year old lady with dry mouth and eyes. Which of the following combination of auto antibodies are most associated with this condition?


You suspect Coeliac Disease in a 22 year old lady and review her past medical history. Which one of the following conditions is not thought to be associated with Coeliac Disease?


You see Judith who is 56 years old and presents with a several month history of fatigue and itching. She is otherwise well and is a non-smoker who drinks no alcohol. A recent blood test has shown a persistently raised alkaline phosphatase and you want to rule out Primary Biliary Cholangitis. What is the characteristic …

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