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You are the duty doctor and are reviewing some urgent blood results which have come back this morning. Which of the following conditions does not match up with the corresponding pathology abnormality?


You receive the endoscopy report back for Mr Smith which has revealed Barrett’s oesophagus. You are explaining the condition to him. Which of the below factors are risk factors for Barrett’s oesophagus? Please select one or more answers.


Simon is a 27 year old accountant with a 2 month history of bloody diarrhoea and abdominal pain. He has lost 3 kg of weight over the last few months but has put this down to going to the gym regularly. He often gets bloated eating breads and tends to avoid having too many carbohydrates …

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Toby is 42 years old returns to the GP with a 2 month history of generalised itching and fatigue. He denies any abdominal pain or skin rash. There is no recent travel and no one in his household has similar symptoms. He has a background of Ulcerative colitis which is well controlled. Your colleague saw …

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You receive a clinic letter back for a patient you referred to Gastroenterology with suspected Haemochromatosis. Which one of the following clinical features is least associated with this condition?


Adam is 25 years old and was admitted to hospital acutely unwell by your GP colleague yesterday and subsequently found to have acute liver failure. You receive the admission notification from the hospital and review Adam’s GP medical record which mentions there was a query about mild hepatomegaly one year ago. An asymmetrical resting tremor …

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Mr Calloway is 67 years old and has unfortunately been diagnosed with medullary thyroid carcinoma. The recent hospital clinic letter mentions some of his recent blood test results. Which one of the following tumour markers is used in medullary thyroid carcinoma?


Sid is 27 years old and strongly suspected to have Coeliac disease. If his initial tissue transglutaminase blood test is negative, then what type of Immunoglobulin (Ig) deficiency should you test for initially?


You see a 52 year old male who has come for the results of his recent NHS health check blood tests. You inform him that the serum GGT (gamma-glutamyl transferase) was raised and proceed to take a history to establish the reasons for this. Which of the below reasons could cause the GGT to be …

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You receive a letter back from the Gastroenterology team who have confirmed a diagnosis of Coeliac disease in a 22 year old female you referred recently. You review initial investigations that were done in primary care. Which one of the following biochemistry findings is typically associated with Coeliac disease?


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