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Amelia is 32 years old and presents with a 1 week history of a left sided neck lump she discovered whilst applying suncream. It has not grown and is not painful. Past medical history includes Hypothyroidism and she is stable on 50mcg Levothyroxine daily. On examination, you observe a 2cm soft skin coloured nodule in …

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Adam is a 26 year old investment banker who presents with a 1 week history of a right sided neck lump. On examination, he is apyrexial with stable observations and a normal throat examination and no cervical lymphadenopathy. You palpate a smooth, fluctuant lump in front of the anterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. It …

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Martha is a 40 year old receptionist who presents to the GP worried about a neck lump. She has noticed it over the last 2 weeks and denies any pain or growth. She is a non-smoker and drinks no alcohol. There is no hoarse voice or dysphagia. On examination she has a 1cm non tender …

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Sarina is 52 years old and presents to the GP with a 3 week history of pain underneath her right jaw line. She has noticed this comes on soon after meals and that the area sometimes briefly feels swollen also after eating. There is no history of dysphagia or weight loss. She was seen recently …

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Mr Hammond is 70 years old and presents with a one day history of a painful right ear and vertigo. He feels his hearing is not as good in the right ear. Past medical history includes Migraine. On examination he has a vesicular rash in his right ear canal and the tympanic membrane looks intact. …

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Rebecca is a 35 year old receptionist who gives a 4 month history of watery nasal discharge and sneezing. She admits she has frequent bouts of sinusitis although is well currently. On examination you observe bilateral nasal polyps. Which one of the following conditions is not associated with nasal polyps?


A 52 year old male is seen in ENT clinic with a 3 month history of recurrent left sided ear discharge. He has had 6 courses of antibiotics this year for presumed otitis media. Hearing is normal and there is no earache, tinnitus or current history of fever. On examination today, there is scanty purulent …

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You review several patients presenting with tinnitus over the last month. Which one of the following presentations would not be suitable for an urgent referral to ENT to be seen within 2 weeks?


George is a 27 year old plumber and presents with a one week history of nasal congestion and facial pain around the cheekbones. He said he had a runny nose and mild fever prior to this but has had no further fevers. On examination he is tender over the maxillary sinuses, with normal throat and …

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Lorraine is 25 years old and presents with a 1 week history of sore mouth ulcers. This is the first time she has had ulcers and over the counter treatments have been little relief. On examination, you observe two 4mm round ulcers on her inner left cheek. You explain these are minor aphthous ulcers and …

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