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Mrs Jones is 50 years old and presents with intermittent attacks of vertigo. After a careful history and examination, you explain she has likely Meniere’s disease and refer her to ENT. Which of the below clinical features is least in-keeping with this diagnosis?


A 52 year old lady describes a 2 week history of pain and swelling in the submandibular area which occurs after meals. There are no obvious red flags in her history. Following examination, you suspect she may have salivary gland stones. Which of the following investigations is most appropriate at this stage?


Michael is 42 years old and has seen the GP recurrently over the last few months with a discharging left ear. He has had multiple courses of antibiotics but the symptoms persist. He is on no regular medications and is normally fit and well. The discharge has no odour. Michael says his mother tells him …

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Maria is a 25 year old keen swimmer who has presented several times this year with Otitis Externa. Which two of the below pathogens are responsible for the majority of cases of Otitis Externa?


Sally is a 35 year old solicitor with a 6 month history of jaw pain. She sees a maxillofacial specialist privately who diagnoses Temporomandibular dysfunction. He also has recommended two potential treatments for her chronic jaw pain which she has come to discuss with you today. Please select two medications that are sometimes used ‘off-label’ …

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Mario is a four month old boy who is bought in by his concerned mother. She has noticed a white plaque on the inside of his mouth since last night. Fortunately, he is feeding well (fully bottle fed) and does not appear to be bothered by this. She denies any fevers and says he is …

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You see a 56 year old male with tinnitus for his annual medication review. He tells you he had various antibiotics over the last 6 months during several hospital admissions. Which one of the following antibiotics would be the most likely cause for his tinnitus?


Xavier is a 22 month old boy who attends with his mother who is worried he may have an ear infection. He has been pulling at his right ear recently and complaining it hurts. He had a runny nose yesterday and a fever of 37.6 at night. He is otherwise well and has been eating …

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You receive a letter back from the out of hours team about Mr James who is 65 years old. They saw him over the weekend and suspected he had Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Which of the below features is not associated with this condition?


Helen is 53 years old and has just been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease by the ENT team. She attends for a medication review and you discuss how to manage her condition in more depth. Which one of the following medications is not routinely recommended for use in Meniere’s disease?


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