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Question Categories: Endocrinology


A 28 year old male presents to the GP with a 1 month history of fatigue, generalised pains and feeling thirsty. His blood pressure is 162/101 mmHg and physical examination findings are normal. He has no other past medical history and does not take any regular medications. Investigations are requested, which demonstrate the following: Haemoglobin …

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Mrs Hopkins is a 55 year old lady who presents to the GP with a 3 month history of fatigue and dry skin. She denies any pruritus or rash. There are no abdominal pain, bowel or urinary symptoms. Initial blood tests are done to investigate feeling tired all the time and are as followed: Initial …

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You are reviewing a 58 year old male patient who is generally unwell with lethargy and muscle weakness. You note from his recent blood tests that he has longstanding mild hypokalaemia. Which one of the following investigations is least likely to help establish a cause?


Sajid is a 57 year old retail worker who attends for his diabetic review. His latest HbA1c is 64 mmol/mol and his Type 2 Diabetes is poorly controlled despite good compliance with Metformin 2gram daily. His BMI is 30. Past medical history includes previous bladder cancer and Psoriasis and he smokes 5 cigarettes a day. …

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A 45 year old male presents with concerns over his appearance, excessive sweating and mentions his wedding ring is now much too tight to wear. He shows you older pictures from several years ago where he looked very different. You agree with him and observe macroglossia, large hands and prognathism. Which one of the following …

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Andrena is 32 years old and presents with a 1 day history of a painful neck lump. She has had coryzal symptoms 2 weeks ago and has had a fever earlier today. Past medical history is unremarkable, and she is on no regular medications. She has had some palpitations earlier today. On examination there is …

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Margaret is 40 years old and has longstanding symptoms of fatigue and muscle cramps. More recently, hyperpigmentation has been noted on her palmar creases and Addison’s disease is suspected. Which of the below clinical features would be least in-keeping with her suspected diagnosis?


Michael is 35 years old and was diagnosed with Hypertension 6 months ago. He is now on 3 different anti-hypertensives but remains poorly controlled despite good compliance. He describes intermittent headaches, sweating, tremor, and palpitations over several months. There is no history of anxiety or chest pain and he is otherwise well. Based on the …

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Sarah is 55 years old and known to have Rheumatoid arthritis. She attends the GP after noticing a central neck swelling. She feels the swelling has grown slowly over the last few months and denies any fatigue, change in bowel habit, hoarse voice or hair loss. On examination there is a firm thyroid goitre. Subsequent …

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A 40 year old lady presents with a 3 month history of irritability, fatigue and heat intolerance. On examination she has notable exophthalmos and ophthalmoplegia. Which of the following blood results would be least in-keeping with a diagnosis of Graves’ disease?

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