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You receive an Endocrinology letter back about a 42 year old male with secondary hyperparathyroidism. Which one of the following statements about his condition is least correct?


You are speaking to your clinical supervisor about which investigations to arrange for various suspected clinical presentations. Which one of the following conditions does not match up with its relevant investigation?


You are discussing various diabetic medications with the practice pharmacist and discuss the risks associated with Pioglitazone. Which of the following cancers does Pioglitazone use increase the risk of?


Stuart is 40 years old, has a BMI of 32 and was recently commenced on Orlistat after lifestyle measures alone did little to reduce his weight. You speak to him over the phone and remind him that treatment with Orlistat should be discontinued after 12 weeks if he has not lost a minimum amount of …

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You have several appointments booked for medication reviews in your morning surgery. Which one of the following medications can cause osteonecrosis of the jaw?


Mrs Matthews is 54 years old and attends for her annual medication review. She takes Carbimazole for Hyperthyroidism and you remind her about some important facts regarding this medication. Which one of the below scenarios would be reason to stop taking Carbimazole and then also permanently stop this medication?


Mrs Jones is 45 years old and attends for her annual medication review. When taking her blood pressure, you note a recent diagnosis of Conn’s syndrome and look back into the medical records to see which investigations were done to determine the diagnosis. Which of the following combination of blood test results would be most …

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You see a 28 year old Caucasian lady who is requesting a vitamin D blood test after hearing about testing in the media. She is fit and well and you explain there is no indication to test her vitamin D levels. You discuss indications for Vitamin D testing. Which of the following would be indications …

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Mrs Singh is 50 years old and has a telephone consultation booked with you to discuss whether she should be taking vitamin D supplements. She is mainly housebound due to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and is also a vegetarian. She is a keen cook and describes her daily meals to you and she appears to have …

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You receive an endocrinology letter back about Mr Smith who is 55 years old and has recently been diagnosed with Conn’s syndrome. Which one of the following features is least in-keeping with his diagnosis?


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