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Question Categories: Emergency and Acute Care


A 45 year old man attends the urgent care centre with a 4 hour history of abdominal pain, diarrhoea, fever and rigors. He is currently receiving chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukaemia. On examination, his temperature is 39.8oC, his heart rate is 133 beats per minute, his respiratory rate is 26 breaths per minute, his oxygen …

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A 35 year old woman presents with increasing urinary frequency, dysuria and cloudy urine to an urgent care centre. She has no significant past medical history. On examination, she is alert and oriented, with suprapubic pain but no loin tenderness. On examination, her temperature is 37.9oC, her heart rate is 114 beats per minute, her …

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Sally is 15 years old and is seen at the GP surgery after being sent home from school with a bad headache. Her mother is concerned as she has a fever of 38.5 °C and has vomited twice also. She is now complaining of neck stiffness and on examination she has a widespread non-blanching rash. …

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You see a 14 year old boy at the GP surgery who is unwell with a non-blanching rash and you suspect meningococcal meningitis. An urgent blue light ambulance is called. What is the correct dose of IM Benzylpenicillin to administer?


Maya is 26 years old and requests an emergency appointment at her GP surgery due to increasing shortness of breath and cough over the last few days. She is known to have Asthma and has had several flares over the last few months. She has already used her Salbutamol inhaler 5 times today. Upon assessment …

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Sally is 37 years old and is 24 weeks pregnant. She attends with a 2 hour history of pleuritic chest pain and haemoptysis. On examination observations are stable except for heart rate of 102 beats per minute. Heart sounds are normal and chest examination is normal. Based on the likely diagnosis, which of the following …

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Dominic is a 35 year old male who has choked upon a cereal bar in the waiting room. He is coughing minimally, and you attempt 5 back blows, followed by 5 abdominal thrusts but he continues to choke. What is the next most appropriate action?


A 6 month old child attends with a 2 day history of runny nose and a cough. His mum reports he is maintaining his usual oral intake. On examination he looks comfortable at rest with no signs of chest recession. He is currently apyrexial, oxygen saturations are 96% and capillary refill time is less than …

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A 33 year old lady is rushed into A&E following a severe road traffic collision in which she sustained severe burns. Which one of the following options correctly calculates the total fluid resuscitation amount needed over 24hours from the time of the burn itself, according to the Parkland formula? TBSA refers to the %Total Body …

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You are working in a busy Emergency department and are asked to urgently review an arterial blood gas result for a patient with Guillain-Barre syndrome. You are told by the nurse that the patient is acutely unwell and suspected to have gone into respiratory failure. What would you expect the result to show?

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