Question Categories: Emergency and Acute Care


A 52 year old male had collapsed in the waiting room. You are the duty doctor and are called for assistance. The patient is not verbally responsive when you ask if he is okay. What is the maximum length of time that you should ‘look, listen and feel’ for signs of breathing, before moving on …

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Maria is a 22 year old lady with a longstanding history of Depression. You are the duty doctor and get a call from her worried mother who explains Maria has overdosed on ‘lots of Paracetamol’ and is now regretting the incident and feeling very unwell. You explain that she needs to be seen urgently in …

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You are the duty doctor and are called to the nurse’s room where a patient’s relative has begun choking after eating a snack bar. The relative is coughing minimally and although they are fully alert you worry that they do not have an effective cough. What is the next most appropriate step in your management …

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You are on your lunch break and hear a receptionist shouting for help. You quickly attend her call and see that there is a young child who is having a seizure in the waiting room. Her mum tells you in tears that her daughter Mia is 5 years old, and is due to see the …

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You are the duty doctor and are alerted to the practice waiting room where an elderly patient has collapsed. The medical student has already commenced cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). What is the correct rate of chest compressions that should be carried out?


Rick is a 10 year old boy with a history of anaphylaxis and is due a medication review. You see he is regularly issued with two Epipen auto-injectors. His weight is 32kg. What dose do you need to prescribe for self-administration for 1:1000 Adrenaline in acute anaphylaxis?


A 15 year old boy has just arrived with his worried father to the GP surgery. He is wheezy and his tongue has become swollen. He has a severe nut allergy and he admits he had a bite of his friend’s chocolate bar on the way home from school just now. What dose of adrenaline …

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A 34 year old man appears to be choking in the waiting room. He is conscious but has an ineffective cough and your initial five back blows do not help. Which one of the following options would be the most appropriate next step?


You are called to your practice car park where a patient has collapsed. Your colleagues have started cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a 57 year old male patient who collapsed after complaining of chest pain. Which one of the following statements about CPR is correct?


Your next patient Holly is a 13 year old girl who attends with her mum. She has history of anaphylaxis and is regularly issued with two new auto-injectors. You discuss her technique and ensure that both patient and carers are up to date with information and training. Her weight is 45kg.What is the dose which …

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