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You receive a clinic letter back from Dermatology about a 60 year old lady with vulval lichen sclerosus. Which one of the following clinical features is least in-keeping with this condition?


You receive a clinic letter back from Dermatology who recently saw a 35 year old male you referred urgently with a suspicious mole. They have confirmed a diagnosis of Melanoma. Which one of the following staging systems is used for patients with Melanoma?


A 32 year old male presents with a scaly symmetrical rash on his trunk and limbs. On examination you observe Auspitz sign and proceed to examine his nails. Which of the below nail findings are associated with his likely skin condition? Please select one or more answers.


You speak on the phone to a 23 year old female who has been diagnosed with hidradenitis supparativa recently. She is upset after reading about the condition online and wants to clarify some points she read. Which one of the following statements is least correct?


You refer a 22 year old male urgently to Gastroenterology as he had a history of bloody diarrhoea alongside a large ulcer on his right shin. The ulcer grew rapidly and had an irregular, purple-blue edge. As you suspected the patient has been confirmed to have Ulcerative colitis. What other conditions can be associated with …

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Liz is 32 years old and is concerned about hair loss. Before you can take a history she insists you look at her scalp. You observe the appearance of ‘exclamation mark hairs’ around the margin of a bald patch. Based on this alone, what is her most likely diagnosis?


Samantha is 28 years old and is 8 months pregnant and has just been diagnosed with Polymorphic eruption of pregnancy. Which one of the following statements about this condition is least correct?


You review a 32 year old lady who has returned from holiday with a rash that has the classic appearance of erythema migrans. What is the most likely causative organism?


Julie is 27 years old and has always suffered with bad Eczema as far back as she can remember. She has various steroid creams and admits being scared of using them too much. You discuss the risks associated with topical steroids and attempt to reassure her. Which of the following steroid creams is classed as …

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Sarina is 26 years old and attends the GP due to a rash which has spread over her back. She first noticed it yesterday and says it is slightly itchy. She feels well in herself but admits that last week she had coryzal symptoms and got back from Spain 10 days ago from a family …

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