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John is a 58 year old retired rugby player who has been diagnosed recently with Atrial Fibrillation. Which of the following factors in his history would not be classed as a risk factor in the HAS-BLED tool? Please select one or more options.


You speak to the on-call cardiology consultant about a 6 month old boy with congenital heart disease who is very unwell. Which one of the following conditions is an example of an acyanotic congenital heart condition?


Mr Karam is a 62 year old male with Depression and Atrial Fibrillation. He is suspected to have overdosed on his Digoxin tablets and is having nausea and vomiting. Which one of the following clinical features would support a diagnosis of Digoxin toxicity?


You review the ECG of a 55 year old male who presents with a sharp localised chest pain. A brief history shows his pain is worse on leading forwards and you think you can hear a pericardial rub. Which one of the statements about his ECG findings would be most consistent with Pericarditis?


Jackie is a 51 year old Caucasian lady who was diagnosed with Hypertension 2 years ago and takes Ramipril 10mg once daily. Past medical history is otherwise unremarkable. She attends for her blood pressure review and brings in some home blood pressure readings also. She insists she is compliant with tablets and the reading today …

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You are teaching the medical student at your surgery about different cardiac murmurs. Which condition is an Austin flint murmur associated with?


Mrs Jones is 60 years old and gives a one month history of bilateral ankle oedema and shortness of breath on exertion. You examine her and suspect she may have heart failure and request a serum NT-pro-BNP level. This level comes back as 2100pg/ml. Her symptoms are stable and she is haemodynamically stable. Which of …

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Jasmine is 30 years old and has a swollen painful right calf. You carry out a 2 level DVT Wells score. Which one of the below factors do not score a point on this scoring system?


Mr Smith is 60 years old and presents with sudden onset chest pain when walking to the supermarket. He was going past the GP surgery when the pain occurred and shouts for help. You are the duty doctor and go out to assess him in the car park. Mr Smith is known to have Hypertension …

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A 33 year old man is found to have a raised blood pressure in the GP surgery and subsequent home blood pressure readings average is 156/90. Which of the following conditions can cause secondary hypertension? Please select one or more answers


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