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Question Categories: Cardiovascular


You review a 53 year old male with suspected infective endocarditis. Which of the below pathogens is responsible for the majority of acute cases?


Mr Jackson is 50 years old and complains of sharp chest pain which is relieved by leaning forwards. It is made worse by coughing. On examination, a pericardial rub is heard at the left sternal edge. Based on the likely diagnosis, which one of the following conditions is least likely to be a potential cause?


Mrs Adams is 65 years old and presented to the GP with a 4 month history of ankle swelling. She had bilateral pitting oedema and you carried out various blood tests including a NT-pro BNP level which has returned at 650 pg/mL. You discuss the likely diagnosis and subsequent management. What is the most appropriate …

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You review a 35 year old lady who attends a GP-led A&E service, with a 6 hour history of dyspnoea, right-sided pleuritic chest pain and lower abdominal pain. On examination her heart sounds are normal, and chest is clear. She has no significant past medical history, and she is taking regular Ethinylestradiol 40 micrograms/Levonorgestrel 75 …

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Mr Johnson is a 52 year old man with a past medical history of colorectal cancer, for which he underwent a left hemicolectomy 3 weeks ago. He presents to the GP with a 1 day history of increasing dyspnoea and left-sided pleuritic chest pain. On examination, heart sounds are normal and there is a pleural …

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A 32 year old lady presents to the GP with a 3 day history of unilateral left sided calf swelling. She is 14 days postpartum, following an unremarkable pregnancy and normal vaginal delivery. On examination, she has a blood pressure of 112/72 mmHg, her heart rate is 72 beats per minute and her respiratory rate …

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A 75 year old man presents to the GP with bilateral leg pain after walking 200 metres. This is relieved after standing for one minute. He has a past medical history of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and stable angina. He has a 10-year smoking pack history. He is currently taking Aspirin 75mg, Bisoprolol 2.5mg and …

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Mrs Ohio is a 52 year old lady with a history of Type I Diabetes Mellitus, previous myocardial infarction 3 years ago and Hypothyroidism. She presents to the GP with a 2 day history of right-sided leg pain and swelling. On examination, her right calf is swollen by 2.5cm more than the left calf and …

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An 80 year old man is reviewed in a cardiology clinic with a 2 month history of intermittent dyspnoea and dizziness. On examination, his blood pressure is 115/77 mmHg and he has a soft ejection systolic murmur. Based on the likely diagnosis, what is the most likely finding on subsequent investigations?


A 62 year old lady presents to the GP with a 2 month history of a shallow leg ulcer above the right medial malleolus. On examination, she has dilated veins visible bilaterally with evidence of eczema. There is sloughy exudate, but no evidence of pus or cellulitis. Given the likely diagnosis, what is the most …

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