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Question Categories: Administration


You see a couple who are struggling to conceive and they ask you about surrogacy as an option. Which of the following statements about paying for a surrogate in the UK is most correct?


Mila is pregnant with her first child and concerned about what financial support she is entitled to. How long must she have worked for her current employer in order to be eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay?


Maria is 12 weeks pregnant and attends to discuss the whooping cough vaccine the midwife mentioned. Which one of the following statements about whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy is least correct?


Sally is enquiring about additional financial benefits for her mother who has recently been diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. You discuss the DS1500 form and check her recent oncology letter to confirm whether this is appropriate with her prognosis. What duration prognosis would be appropriate in order to use this form?


You are discussing ‘new style’ Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) with a patient. Which of the following factors would prevent them from receiving this? You may select one or more answers.


You are discussing Zopiclone prescribing with the practice pharmacist. What schedule of drugs does Zopiclone fall under?


Mr Singh is 67 years old and attends to discuss his intention to write an advance directive. You have a lengthy discussion about this. Which one of the following statements regarding this is most correct?


You are speaking to a new mother about her baby’s upcoming vaccinations. As well as an initial dose at 8 weeks, how old, if at all, would her baby be when a further rotavirus vaccine is given?


You are discussing several coroner inquests at the practice meeting. In which of the following situations would it be suitable for a coroner to open up an inquest. Please select one or more answers.


You are speaking to the practice manager about various administration forms. Which one of the below forms does not match up to its correct purpose?

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