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You speak to a couple who are struggling to conceive, and they inform you that they are considering surrogacy. Which one of the following statements about surrogacy in the UK is least correct?


You are reading about appraisal requirements for doctors. Who is responsible for making recommendations to the GMC about a doctor’s revalidation?


You are discussing the Wilson and Jungner criteria for a screening test with a GP colleague. Which one of the following is not included in their criteria?


Mr Davies is 89 years old and has been admitted to hospital with Pneumonia. He lives alone and has no close family or friends. You receive correspondence from the hospital that they are going to involve another individual in his care in order to help make a decision about his long-term place of residence. The …

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You are discussing some medical ethical dilemmas in the practice meeting and refer to the Four Principles of biomedical ethics as derived from Beauchamp and Childress. Which one of the below options correctly lists these 4 principles?


You are looking at the practice policy on safe prescribing of various medications. How long after the date stated on the prescription, is a prescription for Temazepam valid for?


You are trying to assess whether an elderly patient has the capacity to make a specific decision about their treatment. Which one of the below aspects is not part of this assessment of capacity?


You discuss a complex case involving a 15 year old female patient in your practice meeting. She is currently in hospital and is refusing critical treatment. Which legal body/agency would need to be involved in order to overrule this refusal of treatment?


You are discussing pre-employment vaccine requirements with a GP colleague. Which of the following vaccinations are not deemed necessary for most reception staff in general practice? Please select one or more answers.


You are speaking to the practice manager about some roles you came across in your induction paperwork but were unfamiliar with. What is the role of a Caldicott Guardian?

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