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AKT 3-in-1 Audiobook Bundle


AKT 3-in-1 Audiobook Bundle

🎧 Over 10 hours of focused AKT teaching through Audio.

1. AKT Clinical ‘On-the-Go’
2. AKT Admin ‘On-the-Go’
3. AKT Stats ‘On-the-Go’

✔️ Download to phone or tablet
✔️ Listen anytime, offline or online
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“Your AKT Audiobooks are amazing! I passed with over 80%!”



“Your Audiobooks got me through AKT! Thank you so much”
“My car became an AKT factory! No idea how many times I listened to them”
“I could not have passed AKT without your Audiobooks – thank you so much for creating them!”

🎧 Get all three Arora AKT audiobook courses for one great price – £197 instead of £247 – £50 saving!

🎧 Over 10 hours of focused AKT teaching through Audio.

✔️ AKT Clinical ‘On-the-Go’
✔️ AKT Admin ‘On-the-Go’
✔️ AKT Stats ‘On-the-Go’

🎧 Samples of individual audiobooks

AKT Clinical On-the-Go: https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk/product/akt-clinical-audiobook/

AKT Stats On-the-Go: https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk/product/akt-stats-audiobook/

AKT Admin On-the-Go: https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk/product/akt-admin-audiobook/

🎧 AKT Clinical Contents

👉 1. Cardiology
👉 2. Dermatology
👉 3. Neurology
👉 4. Respiratory
👉 5. Ophthalmology
👉 6. Renal
👉 7. Gastroenterology
👉 8. Psychiatry
👉 9. ENT
👉 10. Women’s Health
👉 11. Haematology
👉 12. Genetics
👉 13. Musculoskeletal
👉 14. Endocrine
👉 15. Alcohol
👉 16. Men’s Health
👉 17. GU Medicine
👉 18. Paediatrics
👉 19. Infectious Disease
👉 20. Immunology
👉 21. Rheumatology
👉 22. Palliative Care

🎧 AKT Stats Contents

👉 1. Basic Stats Principles (Includes Basic Number Calculations, Distribution of results, Standard deviation)
👉 2. Research Theory (Includes Types of data collection, Ethnography, Research hierarchy, Observation studies, Interventional studies, Randomisation and blinding, Parametric vs Non-parametric tests, P values and significance, Systematic reviews vs Meta-analysis)
👉 3. Graphs (Includes Bar charts, Histograms, Scatter plots, Box plots, Forrest plots, Confidence intervals, Funnel plots, Cates diagrams)
👉 4. Calculations and Equations (Includes Odds vs Risk, Odds ratios and Risk ratios, Absolute risk reduction)
👉 5. Miscellaneous Statistics (Includes Bias, Confounding, Hazard and hazard ratios, Reliability and validity, Type 1 and type 2 error, Incidence and prevalence, Mortality rates, Clinical audit, Screening in UK, Wilson’s criteria, Prevention (1, 2 and 3), QALY’s, Triangulation, Grounded theory)
👉 6. Screening Tables (Includes How to construct a table, Sensitivity and specificity, Positive and negative predictive values, Calculations simplified)

🎧 AKT Admin Contents

👉 1. Ethics & Duties of a Doctor (Includes Ethical Principles, Termination, Capacity, Chaperones, Confidentiality, Probity, Whistle-blowing, Safeguarding, Genetic testing)
👉 2. Certification (Includes Birth/Death Registration, Cremation, Coroner, Infectious Disease, Disability, Benefits/Social Care, Vision Impairment, Mental Health Act, Fitness to Work, Maternity, DS1500)
👉 3. Regulations/Contracts/Legal (Includes DVLA, Fitness to Fly, Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety, Data Protection, Controlled Drugs, Performer’s List, Patient Removal, GP Contracts, GP Funding)
👉 4. Practice Management (Includes NHS Eligibility, Immunisations, Types of GP, Major Incident Planning, Medications, Occupational Health, PGD / PPG, Partnership Agreements, Record-keeping)
👉 5. Clinical Governance (Audit, CQC, QOF, Commissioning, Significant Event Analysis, External Governance, Complaints, Appraisal, Revalidation)

✔️ Download to phone or tablet
✔️ Listen anytime, offline or online
✔️ No expiry, unlimited listens
✔️ Free updates as they release

🎧 Don’t miss this great bundle deal and significantly boost your AKT preparation!

🎧 Get all 3 audiobooks as part of our more comprehensive and popular AKT Gold Pass Package.

* No real AKT questions discussed.
* Designed to be used alongside other AKT preparation material eg questions banks.
* Not for medical advice – to be used solely as a revision aid for medical exams.
* Designed to be up-to-date at time of latest updates – no responsibility taken for guideline changes – please correlate with latest guidelines and regulations.

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