Whether its our intense Communication skills day course, our audiobook courses or focused 1-to-1 training, we have your PLAB 2 exam covered.

Dr. Aman is passionate about helping doctors prepare for their PLAB 2 exams.

Being an ex GMC PLAB 2 examiner he has seen first hand the challenges that doctors can face in preparing for PLAB 2, and now hopes to enhance skills, inspire confidence, and motivate you for success. For probity reasons however Dr. Aman can not discuss previous GMC PLAB 2 exam cases.

He hopes to enhance skills, inspire confidence, and motivate you for success.

Communications Skills Day Course

  • Intense training day focused on live role-play practice
  • Focus on consultation skills and enhancing communication
  • Personal feedback throughout the day
  • 1 day course (book separately or as part of the Aspire Academy)
PLAB 2 Course

Communications Skills 'On-the-Go' Audiobook

  • 2 hours of focused PLAB 2 communication skills training through audio
  • 25 scenarios broken down in terms of consultation and interpersonal skills
  • How to approach, improve rapport, tailor to the patient​
  • Download to your phone, listen as many times as you like
CSA AKT Audiobook