Whether its our intense courses, live webinars, audiobook courses or focused 1-to-1 sessions, we have your MRCGP CSA covered

Flagship Immersion Day CSA Course

All key areas of the CSA covered in a unique way

  • 30 intense role-plays covered in a single day
  • 12 hours of pure CSA immersion, increasing exposure
  • Personal feedback both throughout and after course
  • 1 day course, choice of venues across the UK
MRCGP CSA Consultation

Our Other CSA Products

'CSA-125' Webinar​

3 Session Webinar Package
  • 125 scenarios completely broken over 7.5 hours
  • All 3 areas covered: data gathering, management, interpersonal
  • Ask questions and interact from comfort of your own home
CSA Webinar

CSA 'On-the-Go' Audiobook

5 Hour Audio Package
  • 100 Scenarios completely broken down through audio
  • Learn on the go e.g. commuting, gym, travel
  • Maximise your preparation time and efficiency
CSA AKT Audiobook

Full Mock CSA

One to One Full Mock Exam
  • Full mock CSA exam, 13 cases in a 4 hour session
  • Complete feedback afterwards; how to improve
  • Recreate the intense pressure of the exam
Mock CSA


Individual Face to Face Sessions
  • For individuals or groups of up to four people
  • Intense 3 hour sessions focused on
    your needs
  • Feedback on technique, time-management & consultation skills
One to One AKT / CSA


Online One to One sessions
  • One-to-live case practice over Skype with direct feedback
  • Book 1, 3 or 5 x 2-hour sessions depending on your needs
  • Feedback on technique, time-management & consultation skills
Skype CSA / AKT

Maximise your preparation with our CSA Revision Poster

Step-by-step guide to your CSA preparation 

 Focused approach to different case types

Which questions to ask, what not to miss

✓ Key shared management areas and options

CSA Revision Poster