1 Day Big Mock AKT Course

Three things describe our flagship AKT course: Pressure, Technique and High yield.

Leave with a clearer, simpler and more efficient approach to passing your AKT exam

Full 200 Question Mock

✓ 3 hours, 10 minutes - in full exam conditions.

✓ Test yourself against time, pressure, nerves and knowledge.

Intense Crammer Sessions

✓ Statistics truly simplified - key principles broken down.

✓ All key areas of admin and practice management covered - the bits you can't read about.

Hot Topics Covered

✓ All key clinical updates and guidelines condensed and simplified

✓ What's new, what's important and what's relevant?

Full Answers and Feedback

Step-by-step run through of the paper - why you put the answers you did.

✓ Minimum 1200 key learning points on the day. Full 200-slide presentation to take home with you.

What happens and what is covered?​

– The AKT and how to conquer it

– Common fall-down areas

– How to tackle different question types

– 200 questions, 3 hours, 10 minutes

Always important to eat. 

– Full exam debrief

– 5 hours of condensed learning

– Minimum 1200 learning points

– All major clinical guidance covered

– Statistics principles unravelled

– Key admin areas broken down

– Work out why you put the answers you did

– All major chronic disease guidelines
– Cancer referral guidelines
– Key diagnostic investigations
– Important diagnoses/differentials 
– Treatments (clinical and non-clinical) 
– All major graphs covered
– Key equations and how to use them
– Clinical trials and evidence interpretation
– Basic stats principles broken down
– Forms, certification and regulations
– Management issues within General Practice
– Commissioning and NHS finances
– Notifications, Primary/Secondary care links

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06oct9:00 am9:00 amBig Mock AKT Course (9am-6.30pm) - London / 6 October 2018

07oct9:00 am6:30 pmBig Mock AKT Course (9am-6.30pm) - Birmingham / 7 October 2018

13oct9:00 am6:30 pmBig Mock AKT Course (9am-6.30pm) - Manchester / 13 October 2018

AKT Course Feedback

100% of trainees feel it was a RELEVANT course.
Relevant 100%
99% of trainees feel it was an ENJOYABLE course.
Enjoyable 99%
98% of trainees feel it was a PERSONAL course.
Personal 98%

“Excellent day – learned a huge amount!” GP ST2 Birmingham

“Great to try the whole thing in one go” GP ST3 London

“Covered so much – lots to go back and revise!” GP ST3 Dundee

“Thank you so much – very useful day!” GP ST2 Nottingham

“All key areas covered, broken down nicely” GP ST2 Walsall

“Well worth it!” GP ST2 Wolverhampton

“Fantastic course – improved my chances hugely” GP ST3 Cardiff

“Approachable trainer, all my queries answered!” GP ST3 Durham

“Thank you for your hard work!” GP ST3 Leicester

“Simply superb” GP ST2 London