Whether its our full mock AKT course, live webinars, audiobook courses or 1-to-1 sessions – we have your MRCGP AKT covered.

Big Mock AKT Course

All key areas of the AKT covered in a unique way

  • Experience a full 200-question AKT mock in exam conditions
  • Intense crammer afternoon focusing all three AKT sections
  • Minimum 1200 high-yield learning points covered
  • 1 day course, choice of venues across the UK
AKT classroom

AKT Webinars

Clinical Crammers

3 x 2.5 Hour Webinars
  • All the guidelines / diagnoses / investigations
  • Systematic coverage of all major clinical
  • Hot clinical topics and what has changed
AKT Clinical Crammer

Super Stats

2.5 Hour Interactive Webinar
  • All the graphs / calculations / equations
  • Understand key stats principles inside-out
  • Example questions and explanations throughout
AKT Stats Course

Awesome Admin

2.5 Hour Interactive Webinar
  • All the regulations / management / technicals
  • Huge volume of information in one place
  • Summarised for easy learning and recollection
AKT Admin Image

AKT Audiobooks

Clinical 'On-the-Go'

  • 4.5 hours of focused AKT clinical
  • All the key diagnoses, investigations and treatments
  • Clinical guidelines summarised to highlight bits you need to know

Listen to a 2 minute sample (AKT Clinical Audiobook )

Admin 'On-the-Go'

  • 1.15 hours of pure AKT admin teaching eg DVLA
  • Large amounts of information broken down for easy recall
  • Clear explanations of managerial/legal aspects of GP

Listen to a 2 minute sample (AKT Admin Audiobook)

AKT Statistics ‘On-the-Go’

  • 2 hours of simplified statistics training for AKT
  • All key stats principles, graphs and calculations covered
  • Examples discussed to improve understanding and confidence

Listen to a 2 minute sample (AKT Stats Audiobook)

Maximise your preparation with our AKT Revision Poster

Step-by-step guide to your AKT preparation 

Key areas to cover – including ‘must reviews’ 

Focused sections on Statistics and Admin

Hot Clinical Topics and what to know about them. 

AKT Revision Poster Whole