GP Round 2, Re-advert 2020 Recruitment Update

This short blog covers the latest information on Round 2 Re-advert for GP Recruitment.

For a full review of the MSRA read our MSRA preparation blog here.

For how we can help maximise your MSRA Score click here: GP Entry

Key dates for MSRA applications



Are you eligible to apply?

You can sit this round if you:

  • are applying for GP training for the first time
  • were unsuccessful in reaching the minimum threshold required for GP training for Round 1
  • sat the shortened COVID 19 MSRA in round 1 re-advert – you will need to resit the MSRA

You can’t sit this round if you:

  • were successful in round 1 (so can’t resit to improve your score)


How many times can I sit the MSRA

In any given round of MSRA you can only sit the MSRA exam once.

Registering for MSRA

If your first ever sitting for the MSRA was the shortened COVID 19 MSRA exam you will need to register for the MSRA exam again. Otherwise if you have sat the MSRA previously (on or after August 2017) you will not need to re-register.

What is the MSRA and how to prepare?

There are 2 parts to the MSRA exam. The Professional Dilemma (PD) paper and the Clinical Problem-Solving paper (CPS).

Please read the #arorablog for more information.

For our MSRA Audiobook Courses (Clinical and SJT) click here: MSRA Audiobook Options

For our MSRA SJT Mock Exams click here: MSRA Mock Exam Options

Vacancies for this round (from GPNRO website)

HEE Local Offices
& Deaneries
Indicative ST1
HEE East Midlands 1
HEE East of England 34
HEE Kent, Surrey and Sussex 11
HEE London 50
HEE North East 18
HEE North West 78
HEE South West 14
HEE Thames Valley 4
HEE Wessex 36
HEE West Midlands 53
HEE Yorkshire and the Humber 0
Health Education & Improvement Wales 24
NHS Education for Scotland 48
Total 371 vacancies


You can choose to accept, decline, hold an offer. If you have accepted or held an offer you have the option to opt in for upgrades.

Please bear in mind that if you choose to opt in to upgrades and a higher preference post becomes available you will automatically be upgraded – you can’t decline this upgrade.

How can we help you prepare best?

1) Our MSRA Clinical Crammer Audiobook Course. 6 hours of focused clinical teaching, mapping the SRA blueprint syllabus. Designed to listen to as many times as you like, offline or online. No expiry. For a free sample click here.

2) Our MSRA SJT Principles Audiobook Course. 45 minute audio course focused on breaking down the GMC’s Good Medical Practice guidance, covering how to approach professional dilemma SJT situations for your assessment. Designed to listen to as many times as you like, offline or online. For a free sample click here.

3) Our MSRA Mock Exams. Question papers and layouts similar to the real MSRA, our focused Mock Exams expose you to common areas that doctors struggle with. Explanations are to-the-point and based around key principles and guidance that you need to know. For our Mocks and bundles click here.

4) Our Flash Revision Cards. 150 highly focused teaching cards to use on the move. Covers all key UK guidelines as well as investigations and treatments for multiple common exam conditions. Posted to your home, worldwide. For samples click here.

5) Our free teaching and support through Social Media: plenty of daily teaching through our Flagship GP Training Facebook Support Group,  YouTube channel and Instagram page.


I hope you have found this summary useful and if you have any further questions please contact us or you can go to the for more information.


Dr. Aman Arora

Dr. Aman Arora

GP and full time medical educator

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Dr. Aman Arora

About Dr. Aman Arora

GP and full time medical educator

Former GPVTS Programme Director

Former NHS GP Appraiser

Former GMC PLAB 2 Examiner

Fellow of Royal College of GPs (FRCGP)

Former HEEWM Advanced AKT Trainer

Running Exam Prep courses for 10 years

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