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7000+ AKT audiobook users  

4 AKT audiobook options

13+ hours of AKT content

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AKT Triple Audiobook Bundle

£ 197
  • 10+ hours of AKT Clinical, Stats and Admin teaching via our complete and discounted audio bundle
  • Buy yourself time and increase your AKT score on the move
  • Download to phone, no expiry, listen online/offline, listen when travelling

AKT Clinical Audiobook

£ 129
  • 7+ hours of focused AKT Clinical to boost your AKT Pass
  • All key AKT conditions, investigations, guidelines and treatments
  • Core clinical content summarised to save you time and quickly boost knowledge

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AKT Admin Audiobook

£ 59
  • 1.15 hours of focused AKT Admin and Organisational to boost your AKT Pass
  • Large amounts of information broken down for easy recall - what you need to know
  • Clear explanations of managerial / legal aspects of GP, curriculum based

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AKT Stats Audiobook

£ 59
  • 2+ hours of focused AKT Statistics to boost your AKT Pass
  • All key stats principles, graphs and calculations covered
  • Examples discussed to improve understanding and confidence

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